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President's Leadership Class Staff

Student Advisors

2018-19 Student Advisors
Bella Wuller and Parker Primrose, PLC Student Advisors

The newest additions to our staff, Bella Wuller and Parker Primrose, are serving as our 2019-2020 President's Leadership Class Student Advisors.

Bella Wuller | Bella is a sophomore from Stillwater, OK and is pursuing a degree in sociology with a minor in Spanish. She love all things Monty Python, skiing, needtobreathe, and coffee flavored. Bella spends her free time talking with friends and watching movies. You can normally find her in the office, studying in the biz, or at Donut King. Bella is always down for deep convos and is there to listen. You can contact her at (405) 742-7253 or


Parker Primrose | Parker is a sophomore from Allen, Texas, majoring in Journalism and Public and Nonprofit Administration with minors in Spanish and Business. He's a big fan of quality jams, all things sports, and talking about how he went to the same high school as Kyler Murray. You can usually find him buried in a book in the Biz or sprinting across the South Oval because he slept through his alarm. You can contact him at (214) 548-2034 or

Director of President's Leadership Class and Crimson Club Coordinator

Prior to moving to the Vice President’s Office, Nanette served as the OU Volunteer Coordinator, the adviser to the Big Event and the coordinator of the OU Cousins’ Program. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BA in Sociology and a Masters in Adult and Higher Education. 

Nanette served as the Board Chair for the United Way of Norman this past year and is active in PTA and her church. She lives in Norman with her husband Nick. They have three children, Grace, Nicholas and Anna.

You can contact Nanette Hathaway at (405) 325-2894 or