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Crime Prevention Programs

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Crime Prevention Programs

The OUPD crime prevention and community relations program involves a number of facets including classes and public presentations on a variety of crime prevention topics including:

  • alcohol/drug awareness
  • personal safety issues
  • home safety and security
  • residence hall safety and security
  • property theft prevention
  • sexual assault awareness issues
  • workplace violence

  • campus safety for new students
  • campus safety
  • bike safety health evaluation and registration
  • work safety*
  • fire safety*

      (and others on request)

(* in conjunction with Risk Management’s Fire Safety Unit)


Other crime prevention program activities:

  • Hands-on training classes “escape” self-defense techniques by State of Oklahoma CLEET certified police self defense instructors.
  • Design and distribution of informative brochures and posters for local and national crime prevention campaigns
  • Crime pattern analysis to determine effective crime prevention and enforcement effort targeting
  • Bicycle registration and safety programs
  • Operation ID program presentations and materials distribution
  • Crime Prevention "booth" presentations at Howdy Week, Sooner Safety Week, Spring Break Send-off and other University and community events
  • Media notification for dissemination of specific "seasonal" tips and warnings and other crime-specific programs
  • Coordination with the City of Norman Police Department's and state Crimestoppers programs
  • Coordination with other University departments and community organizations to provide effective, quality programs


Scheduling a Presentation:

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation for your group, please contact us in one of the following ways:

  1.  Use the on-line Public Presentation Request Form on this site.
  2. Call the OUPD Crime Prevention and Community Relations Unit at 325-2864
  3. Contact Crime Prevention and Community Relations by e-mail at


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We hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to schedule a presentation for your group as soon as possible.