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General Information

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General Information


The OU Police Department is an accredited law enforcement agency responsible for coordinating and providing emergency and public safety services to the Norman Campus. The department provides a variety of services including law enforcement, security for university facilities and assets, plan review, security surveys, civil defense and emergency preparedness coordination.


The Norman campus headquarters of the OU Police Department is at 2775 Monitor Avenue, just south of the intersection of Constitution Street and Monitor Avenue. (map/driving directions)


Contacting OUPD


The designated number for reporting all emergencies is 911. This number is continually monitored by trained communications officers. It should be used ONLY to report circumstances where an immediate response is required by police or other public safety personnel. To report emergencies directly to OUPD from off-campus phones, dial 325-1911; from non-local cell phones, (405)-325-1911.


Non-emergency and routine business calls should be referred to 325-2864.

In addition, emergency telephones have been installed at various campus locations to provide a means of directly contacting the emergency dispatcher. Each of these emergency telephones is identified with a blue sign displaying the legend "EMERGENCY ASSISTANCE"; outdoor installations are also identified with a blue light.

The special telephone stations should be used in case of fire; when in need of police, an ambulance or tow truck; or for general information, such as directions to campus buildings. The phones do not require coins or dialing; the dispatcher can be accessed by simply opening the cabinet and lifting the handset.

DO NOT try to handle an emergency alone!


  1. Dial the emergency phone number (911) - or just pick up the handset at a blue emergency phone.
  2. Explain to the officer what has occurred and what assistance is needed.
  3. DO NOT hang up until released by the officer taking your call. Further information may be needed in order to assure that the appropriate response is sent.
  4. IN CASE OF FIRE -- Any fire actually in progress as well as smoke and unexplained strange odors should be reported to the emergency number (911). Furnish the exact location and suspected cause to the disptacher.

You can also contact the OUPD via various common e-mail contacts listed here on the OUPD website.


Training & Jurisdiction

OUPD's Police patch/logo


Authorized by Oklahoma law, the University Police Department is an independent law enforcement agency whose officers are commissioned by the OU Board of Regents and certified by the Oklahoma Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training. OUPD functions separately from all other law enforcement agencies, although agreements have been made whereby assistance or mutual aid may be obtained in emergencies.


OUPD officers are available 24 hours a day, year-round. They are trained and certified as peace officers under Oklahoma state statutes, and many OU officers have received specialized training in areas of law enforcement and related fields.

OU police officers have jurisdiction on all university property and "territory adjacent thereto." They are authorized to conduct traffic enforcement on campus and on streets peripheral to campus, to conduct follow-up investigations and serve arrest warrants issued as a result of completed investigations at off-campus locations, and to exercise police authority or take action as appropriate for criminal offenses observed by them while on or off university property.

OUPD's Security (Community Service Officer) patch/logo

OUPD also employs CSOs (Community Service Officers) and Security Guards who are trained to perform specific functions that do not require the presence of a commissioned police officer. These unformed officers are not sworn, commissioned or armed. They do, however, have the authority to enforce university regulations and can make citizen's arrests.


Requests for service are assigned and response made on a priority basis, with emergencies receiving immediate attention. If your situation is urgent, please advise the dispatcher when calling.


Persons interested in employment at OUPD as a police officer, community service officer, security guard, or other position, should contact OUPD Administrative Services, at 325-2864, or by e-mail at Please include your name and email address, or U.S. mail address, with any inquiry. 


Click HERE to view various OUPD job descriptions online.

Law Enforcement and Related Services

Image: Handcuffs over OUPD police patch


OUPD provides all law enforcement services, including the investigation of criminal offenses and traffic collisions occurring on university property and the recording of official reports relating to those incidents.

Every crime, no matter how minor, should be reported so OUPD has an accurate picture of the crime on campus and can apply its personnel, resources and efforts in the most effective manner.

Among its responsibilities, OUPD also provides security for special events, such as access control; patron management; protection of dignitaries and guests; security for facilities, equipment or cash; escort for receipts; and general coordination of emergency management.

OUPD also provides animal control services on the Norman campus.

OUPD also takes complaints regarding illegally or improperly parked vehicles or traffic conditions that are causing congestion or a hazard. All other inquiries regarding parking and transportation should be directed to the Office of Parking and Transportation at 325-3311.


Security is Everybody's Business

OUPD's Stop Crime palm-print trademarked logo/graphic


The University Police is limited in its efforts by the availability of staff and the number of demands for services other than security. OUPD simply cannot watch everything; therefore, security is everybody's business.

Crime on campus can be significantly reduced if each person will take the time to properly secure personal and university property; to mark and record the make, model and serial number of personal possessions; to lock rooms and buildings when leaving; always to lock vehicles and take the keys; to observe and report suspicious persons or activities; and never to leave valuables unattended or unsecured. Cooperation is necessary for the successful prevention of crime. OUPD offers a number of crime prevention programs to assist university students, faculty and staff in fighting crime on campus. Questions regarding OUPD Crime Prevention programs should be referred to Crime Prevention at 325-2864, or by e-mail at

The Police Department provides functions and services not included in this overview. If you encounter a situation that affects the safety or security of the university community in any way, or if you need assistance, call 325-2864. In addition, the department may be contacted if no other department is available or can satisfactorily respond to a request for needed service. The dispatcher will attempt to place the caller in contact with the appropriate department or see that the problem is addressed.

Graphic -- OUPD Patch over Badge



“The police are the public

and the public are the police.

The police are simply members of

the public who are paid to give full-time

attention to the duties that are incumbent

on every citizen in the interest of community

welfare and existence.” 

-Sir Robert Peel, 1829