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Bike Security

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Bike Security


Register Your Bike

All bikes used on campus by OU faculty, staff, and students must be registered with the OU Police Department. Registration is free, and can be done in person at campus walk-in registration locations or through mail-in registration.


Bikes and OU Housing

Bicycles are not permitted inside the residence halls at any time. Bike racks are available around each housing center, and bicycle lockers are also available for semester or full year rental.


Bike and Bus

All CART buses have bicycle racks that allow riders to transport their vehicles with them. The racks may be used on a space available basis. Passengers are responsible for correctly placing bikes in racks. Click HERE for detailed instructions on using CART vehicle bicycle racks.


Bike U-Lock Security Tips

While a u-lock can provide some of the best security for your bike, they must be used properly. Even u-locks can be defeated, and selection of your u-lock brand and model can be important. Accessory reinforcements can also be added to existing u-locks to improve their security.


OU Norman Campus Bicycle Policy

The OU Norman Campus has bicycle policies that apply to all faculty, staff, and students. Register your bike. Park your bike only in bike racks or rental bike “lockers”. Operate your bike in a safe and reasonable manner whether you are sharing a sidewalk with pedestrians or a roadway with motor vehicles.


Bicycles and Oklahoma Law

Know the rules of the road in Oklahoma as they apply to bicycles.





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