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Missing Student Notification

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Missing Student Notification

Students living in University Housing will be asked to designate a confidential emergency contact person in the event they are declared a missing person.

A student may be suspected of being missing if their Resident Adviser on two consecutive weekly reports cannot contact them. In this case, the Resident Adviser will contact the Center Coordinator who will take steps to determine if the student has used University services (meals, door access, labs, etc.) over the last week and will attempt to contact the missing student through the email address and cell phone number on record. A student may also be suspected of being missing if an inquiry regarding the student  comes to the Housing Office from a parent, legal guardian or law enforcement agency and we are not able to contact the student or verify the student's presence on campus by methods listed above. Failing to make contact with the student or verify that the student is using campus services, Housing and Food Services will classify the student as missing and immediately do the following:

1. Submit an official missing person's report to OUPD.

Upon official notification from Housing and Food Services, OUPD will conduct an investigation and if they determine the student has been missing for over 24 hours the following steps will be taken:

  • OUPD will contact the designated confidential emergency contact person. If the student is under 18 years of age, OUPD will immediately contact the custodial parent or legal guardian of the student.
  • Housing and Food Services will contact the office of Vice President for Student Affairs.