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Price History

In 1917, the OU School of Public and Private Business was one of the first schools west of the Mississippi River to be accredited by AACSB International. This formed into the College of Business Administration in 1928. Construction of the Business Administration building was completed in 1936 with the support of the Public Works Administration. The building was later named Adams Hall after the college's first dean, Arthur B. Adams.

In 1997, the college was named the Michael F. Price College of Business in honor of Michael F. Price, a major benefactor and graduate of the school (BBA 1973). Price Hall was built in 2005, connected to Adams Hall to the east to form the Jim and Jeannie Dodson Courtyard to the south and the Bruzzy Westheimer plaza on the north side of Price Hall by the front entrance.

For more information, contact the Dean's office at (405) 325-2070 for purchasing information for Collegiate Education for Business Administration at the University of Oklahoma: A History by Daniel A. Wren.


1898Program Began with Economics Coursework at the College of Arts and Sciences
1913Named School of Commerce and Industry in the College of Arts and Sciences
1915Named School of Public and Private Business in the College of Arts and Sciences
1923Became a Stand Alone Entity Named the School of Business Where Students Could Earn a Bachelor of Science in Business
1928MBA Program and Four Year Undergrad Program Created When School Became College of Business Administration
1936College of Business Administration Building Finished - Later Named Adams Hall 
1964Adams Hall Renovation Completed - Added New Classrooms, Offices, Elevator and Air Conditioning
1997Named Michael F. Price College of Business in Honor of Benefactor and Alumnus Michael Price
2005Price Hall Built Adjacent to Adams Hall to Encompass Entire College