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Masters & PhD Retention and Graduation Rates

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Masters Retention & Graduation 2019-2020

Enrollment and Degrees  MBA 
Full-time MBA74 enrolled
Part-time MBA137 enrolled
Number of Degrees Conferred (Part Time)56
Number of Degreees Conferred (Full Time)33
Enrollment and Degrees EMBA 
Students Enrolled26 enrolled
Number of Degrees Conferred
31 total
 Masters Specialist Enrollment and Degrees 
Full-time187 enrolled
Part-time116 enrolled
Number of Degrees Conferred
126 total


Combined Total Job Placement Numbers of those reporting

23 (out of 30 total reporting)


88 reported employment placement

(out of 89 reporting)

PhD Retention & Graduation

PhD Enrollment & Graduation
Number of Degrees Conferred
Employment8 PHD's Placed