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Financial Assistance

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Financial Assistance

Funding for PhD students comes from Teaching and Research Assistantships. Because our program places primary emphasis on the development of research skills, students more commonly receive research assistantships throughout the year.  Additional funds are also available through Graduate Foundation Fellowships in Business and scholarships from the School of Accounting.

In addition to the academic year support described above, most accounting PhD students are funded during the summer either for teaching or research. For the second summer, accounting PhD students who submit promising proposals according to specified timelines typically receive research funding that allows them to devote full time to meeting the Research Readiness Requirement.

In addition to assistantships, fellowships, and scholarships, several other programs are available to support scholarly and research activities of accounting PhD students. All incoming PhD students receive a $4,000 research budget to support research activities such as conference participation, travel, data, and other necessary expenses to conduct research. Additional travel support is typically provided for students presenting papers at national and international conferences. Accounting PhD students frequently travel to present papers at academic conferences.