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Call for papers

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Call for Papers

Submission Guidelines

We invite you to submit papers to the Oklahoma Business Bulletin on on the Oklahoma or regional economy.

Appropriate topics include:

  • general economic trends and developments
  • industry analyses
  • population developments
  • the structure of and changes in business
  • significant developments in related area

All manuscripts will be reviewed by the Bulletin's Editorial Review Board and their recommendations will form the basis for the selection of articles for publication.

In recognition of 40 years of service to the people of Oklahoma, the Center is proud to offer the Neil J. Dikeman, Jr. Honorarium. The purpose of this honorarium is to stimulate research on the Oklahoma economy, inform citizens, and guide public policy.

For each paper accepted for publication in the Oklahoma Business Bulletin,$500 will be provided to the author or authors of the paper. Recipients have two options: personal or institutional payment. The authors may designate that the award be paid to an institution in support of the research missions. In the latter case, the award is non-taxable.

Also,an additional $1,000 will be awarded to the paper judged by the editors as the best paper published in an academic year. Student involvement and co-authorship in publications is encouraged.

Manuscripts should be submitted to:

Monica McCulloch
Coordinator, Departmental Financial Operations

Center For Economic & Management Research
Michael F. Price College of Business
The University of Oklahoma
307 W. Brooks, Room 3
Norman Oklahoma 73019