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Career Fairs & Seminars

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Career Fairs

With OU Price College, OU Career Services co-hosts numerous career fairs throughout the year and welcomes recruiters to provide information about their industries, organizations, and employment opportunities.

The Steed School of Accounting works with OU Career Services to hold an annual Accounting Career Fair, in which 25-30 recruiters participate.

Career Panels & Seminars

Information Sessions - In an hour-long presentation, company representatives explain the values and mission of their corporation. Many companies have chosen to host their sessions at restaurants, challenge courses or bowling alleys for better interaction opportunities with our top students.

Corporate Connections - Recruiters come to OU to teach JCPenney Leadership students relevant skills like Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Business Eating Etiquette, and Dress for Success.

Real World - Corporate representatives present real world scenarios like Corporate Benefits, Customer Service, Property Investments, and Personal Financing. 

Division of Marketing and Supply Chain Management

A once-a-semester Career Panel will highlight industry executives who can speak to hot careers in marketing and supply chain management. This forum will be open to all majors, but will be primarily populated by majors and to students exploring the major.

In monthly Shop Talk meetings, professionals in the field of marketing and supply chain management will be invited to offer club members relevant discussion and career guidance. For more information, contact Janet Hailey.

Corporate Views

JCPenney Leadership Associates participating in the Corporate View program visit area and regional companies to receive a day long, behind-the-scenes look at a local or regional company. Associates get to exercise their problem-solving skills with case studies, grow closer to their peers with team-building exercises and relate classroom concepts to real-world operations.

Sponsor a Student Club

Most division-specific and general business clubs at OU Price College have a strong following of 25-35 students, like a newly formed Marketing and Supply Chain Management Club that promises to set the pace among student groups in OU Price College for its exceptional student participation and cohesiveness.

Led by division faculty members, young men and women in specific clubs can be characterized as hard-working, self-motivated, and very well organized.

An unrestricted gift to sponsor a student club would go a long way in helping busy organizations achieve their philanthropic and professional goals.

Reward Deserving Students

As corporate representatives well know from their recruiting efforts, OU Price College gives students as much real-world experience as possible rounded out with exceptional academic training.

Corporate-sponsored Leadership Awards build on the College's experiential emphasis by encouraging students to broaden the value they bring to an organization by getting an early understanding of corporate culture and leadership styles.

Companies can sponsor two or more students for a school-year Leadership Internship. A sponsored Leadership Team would have opportunities to shadow corporate executives or attend leadership training at company locations during the school year.

This type of Leadership Award would allow Oklahoma students access to the commercial centers of Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and possibly Dallas. More importantly, Price students would be exposed to varied corporate cultures.

In turn, Leadership Teams will promote the company in the OU Price College in a variety of ways, one of which might be to organize panel discussions of a company's corporate culture for several student audiences - classes, leadership groups, and student organizations.