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Hire OU Price Students

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Hire OU Price Students & Alumni

OU Price graduates certainly live up to the Oklahoma state motto, Labor Omnia Vincit - Labor Conquers All. Through the ages, Price College alumni have been no strangers to hard work, and combined with sunny optimism and a strong dose of common sense, OU College of Business students have proven to be teachable and open to opportunity.

Looking for a Recent Graduate?

The Price College of Business works hand in hand with OU Career Services and to help place students with internships and career opportunities. Contact Undergrad Professional Development for more information.

Looking for a Seasoned Sooner or Looking for a New Career?

The OU Alumni Association and OU Career Services have joined forces to provide enhanced career programs and resources to OU Alumni job candidates and employers.

Whether you're looking for a career change or for proven talent, you'll find what you need through OU Career Services Alumni Page.

OU Price Partners

OU Price College gives students as much real-world experience as possible rounded out with exceptional academic training.

Corporate recruiters who build a presence in OU Price College help our experiential emphasis by encouraging students to broaden the value they bring to an organization by getting an early understanding of corporate culture and leadership styles.

OU Career Services

OU Price College of Business students can be recruited in a number of ways.  As with other colleges on campus, the majority of our students are registered with the centralized OU Career Services office.

Undergraduate Professional Development Program

Within the college, corporate recruiters also have the opportunity to take advantage of Undergraduate Professional Development Program office for increased contact with students. This office was established in 2008 with the goal of working directly with recruiters and students to increase the number of internships and placement opportunities for our students. The Undergraduate Professional Development office partners with Career Services to provide recruiters with increased exposure to Price students through a variety of methods including special campus events and interaction with our various student organizations.

JCPenney Leadership Program

Price College is recognized for our outstanding JCPenney Leadership Program. The JCPenney Leadership Program cultivates highly desirable leadership and work skills in our high achieving business students. The Leadership Center partners directly with corporate recruiters in a variety of ways, including Corporate Views and information sessions, to expose our students to internship and full time placement opportunities.

Graduate Student Support Center

MBA Students can be recruited directly through the Graduate Student Support Center (SSC). The SSC responds like a concierge service to achieve all of your needs as a corporate recruiter. Whether it is posting a position, contacting departmental faculty for questions, or seeking to sponsor events and heighten your company identity, we are here to assist you. Learn more information on MBA Recruitment.

Student Organizations

Our student business organizations encourage and welcome companies to speak and interact with their members at their meetings. For more information regarding this opportunity, please review our list of student organizations.