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Price Passport to Success

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Welcome to the Center for Student Success

The Center for Student Success (CSS) exists to enhance the Purpose of Price ® through undergraduate student engagement in opportunities that will help prepare students for success in a diverse global business environment.  The CSS facilitates professional development opportunities, for all business majors, through the Freshman Success Series, Speaker Series, the Deane and Ginger Kanaly Lecture Series, Senior Success Series, special events and workshops both in Price College of Business and across the University campus.  Additionally, the CSS provides a structured framework of developmental exposure through required sophomore and junior-level classes, which emphasize basic and advanced instruction for succeeding in the business world.  The Price College of Business is one of a few business colleges in the nation with a Center for Student Success devoted to the development of its majors.  The activities presented by the CSS collectively represent the different pathways to success for all Price College students, regardless of their majors. 

When you leave with your Price College degree, your employer will know you are a well-rounded, culturally competent employee ready to take on the challenges of an ever-changing business world.

What is the Price Passport to Success (PPS)?

The Price Passport to Success (PPS) program is facilitated through the CSS, which provides students the tools necessary to enhance their personal and professional lives with the goal of becoming successful global leaders.  This unique programming is centered on four core principles: community, globalization, work/life skills, and leadership.  Students will engage in both life skills and professional development offerings each semester with a requirement of completing a minimum of 20 milestone points prior to graduation.  Students will earn milestone points by participating in these developmental offerings each semester, including:  

  • Freshman Success Series
  • Distinguished speakers and lecture series
  • Business Week events
  • Workshops on various professional development topics
  • Cultural events
  • Senior Success Seminars

Required sophomore and junior level courses, BAD 2091 and BAD 3091, taken in sequence are offered each semester and include some of the following topic areas:

  • Business ethics exercises    
  • Resumes and cover letters    
  • Handshake platform        
  • Dress for success            
  • Effective time management          
  • Interviewing for the 21st century   
  • Professional development plan     
  • Internship /externship preparations    
  • Workplace expectations   
  • Presentation skills
  • Effective teams
  • Networking
  • LinkedIn basics
  • Campus and college resources    
  • Global diversity development
  • Bias training
  • Generational differences in the workforce
  • Emotional Intelligence

Courses are team taught by a variety of individuals and offer hands-on experiential learning.  BAD 2091 offers introductory business topics to our sophomores as well as preparation for two annual career fairs.  Industry partners across all business majors collaborate with the CSS to present content and business acumen in BAD 3091 as students prepare for internships and full-time jobs.  The two courses combined present an opportunity for business students to become more culturally competent as they enter a global business environment.