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Tips & Samples

Resume & Cover Letter

Cover Letter Tips

  • Should accompany each resume sent to a prospective employer
  • Its´ purpose is to help gain an interview
  • Written to catch the reader´s attention
  • Should state why you are writing
  • Identify the position for which you are applying
  • Communicate your skills and qualifications
  • Compel the reader to act–request a next step

    View Sample Cover Letter (pdf)

Resume Tips

Resume Preparation

  • Tailor resume to job opening
  • Make sure resume highlights relevant experience
  • Highlight skills and accomplishments
  • Should be clearly written and easy to read
  • Keep in chronological order
  • No more than one page if you are still in school or have been out of school for less than 4 years
  • Professionally or laser printed on quality paper

Be familiar with your resume

  • Be able to speak in detail about information you have listed on your resume
  • Be able to explain any gaps in employment
  • Make sure your resume highlights why you are a fit for the job
  • Make sure that your resume is crafted to highlight key experience, skills and duties which were listed in the job description
  • Be prepared to show that you are or have leadership, analytical, communication, problem resolution and creative skills and or abilities

    View Sample Resumes (pdf)