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Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
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Thank you to our Donors - $700,000+ in scholarships

Graduates smile and listen as speeches are given during OU's 2018 Commencement, at the Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

The financial and material support from our donors enables the Tom Love Division of Entrepreneurship & Economic Development to provide world class programming and opportunities within the OU entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are especially thankful for our founding supporters, community, and corporate donors whose generous funds directly impact students' educational success through scholarships. 

The division started with 3 scholarships totaling $4,500 in the 2004-2005 academic year. Overall,  the division has awarded scholarships totaling more than $700,000 since our programs began in 2004-2005. 

Students can apply for the scholarships throught the Centralized Academic Scholarships Hub (CASH) The deadline to apply is February 1st of each year


All students can apply for scholarships through the Centralized Academic Scholarship Hub (CASH). The deadline is February 1st of each year.

Visit the OU Scholarship Office

Founding Supporters & Endowments

The Tom Love Family

Kenneth & Claudia Silverman 
Family Foundation

Phil Kramer

Roger & Sherry Tiegen 

Winnie M. Freshour 
Study Abroud Scholarship

Tom E. Rose & Warren C. 
Fatheree Scholarship

Joe R. Love

Stanley White Foundation

Harry & Jane Pefanis

Marvin R. OSborne & John T. McCharen Jr. 

Osborne Electric Scholarship

Cantrell Family Global 
Entrepreneuership Scholarship 

L. Thomas Dulaney, Jr. 
Entrepreneurship Scholarship

Community & Corporate Donors

Micah David Alcorn

Arthur G. Alexander

Alliance Resource Partners, L.P

Aqualine Environmental Systems Inc

Marisa H. Arney

B Earl Austin

Dionel E Aviles

AXA Foundation 

BancFirst Inc.

Roger P Baresel

Allen E. Barrow 

Barrow & Grimm PC 

Bass Law Firm, P C

Beacon Telecommunications 

Advisors LLC

Elby J Beal

Robert S Beall

Beall Foundation

Dulaneys, Inc

Walt Duncan

Phillip S. Estes 

William D. Brewer 

Brian L Cantrell

Chesapeake Operating, Inc 

Mark A. Cohen

Community National Bank 

Kenneth R. Cordell

Covanta Renewable Energy LLC

Barry M. Davis

Dernick Resources Inc

Thomas Dulaney Jr.

Richard Dunn

Phillip S. Estes 

Warren C. Fatheree 

Virginia C. Frank 

Winnifred M. Freshour

Amy Goad 

Donald Graubart 

Great Plains Coca-Cola Bottling Co

Heath Rose

Tom E. Rose 

Frank D. Hill

J C. Hines

Christopher T. Holland 

Joe W Hornick

Heather A. Hubbard 

John C. Hudson

Stephen A. Ives

Jerry & Mary Kay McMorris

Joe R. Love Established Trust 

Patrick A. Jones 

Kenneth and Claudia Silverman 

Kirkpatrick Bank 

Phil Kramer 

Phil Kyle

Bruce R. Magoon

Mike Maples Sr. 

Maxine & Jack Zarrow Family Foundation


John T. McCharen 

Jack D. McConnell

David L. McLaughlin 

Glen McLaughlin 

Mary Kay McMorris

Brandon J. Mikael

Brandon Mikeal 

Northwestern Mutual Foundation

Matthew B. Newman

Roy T. Oliver 

Marvin R. Osborne

Osborne Electric Company

Dan B. Overland 

Ryan M. Overland 

Jay W. Penn

John Penton 

Lawrence A. Plummer

Andrew R. Pollock

Gene Rainbolt

Scott M. Rayburn, P.C.

Dane Riggs

Mark J. Roberts

Roger & Sherry Teigen 

Ron & Joan Yagoda

Heath Rose

Tom E. Rose

Zac Rose

Frank H. Seay

Denise L. Shaw

Shell Oil Company Foundation 

Sonic Restaurants, Inc

Roger Teigen

The Carolyn and Mike Maples Foundation 

The Stanley White Foundation 

Tom and Judy Love Foundation

Tulsa Community Foundation

Fred O. Turner 

Michael S. Turaner 

Ryan Daniel Wall

Wheeler Brothers Grain Co Inc

Ronald H. White 

William R. Council

G Rainey Williams

Jessica R. Wills

Sherman L. Young

Don T. Zachritz