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Requirements for a MBA Concentration in Entrepreneurship

MBA Core Courses

  • BAD 5001 Computer and Math Skills
  • MGT 5702 Organizational Behavior
  • BAD 5122 Quantitative Methods and Modeling
  • ACCT 5202 Financial Accounting
  • BAD 5102 Managerial Economics
  • ACCT 5212 Managerial Accounting
  • FIN 5302 Financial Markets and Securities
  • MKT 5402 Marketing Management
  • SCM 5502 Supply Chain Management
  • FIN 5312 Corporate Finance
  • MIS 5602 Management Information Systems
  • lS 5802 Business Ethics
  • BAD 5112 Global Economics
  • MGT 5712 Negotiation and Leadership
  • BAD 5902 Strategic Management

Entrepreneurship Concentration Courses

  • ENT 5931 Strategic Venture Development I
  • ENT 5932 Strategic Venture Development II
  • ENT 5912 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • ENT 5922 Intellectual Property
  • ENT 5902 Entrepreneurial Process
  • ENT 5942 Market Development

Entrepreneurship Course Description

ENT 5902 Entrepreneurial Process

The course focuses on the early development of independent ventures as well as those within established organizations. Individual and organizational level issues will be addressed. Entrepreneurial thinking will explore the thought processes that challenge existing norms and pave the way for novel solutions to problems in any field. The venture life-cycle of opportunity, launch, growth, and harvest is highlighted. The course will also address start-up team issues, legal issues with new firms and innovations, and organizational form. Concepts are illustrated through field and case studies and guest speakers. Twenty HBS cases are used: * Lemonade Stand [AFEE] * R&R * Peanut Butter Fantasies * Willow Creek Community Church (A) * Explo Leisure Products * Honda (A) * Steven B. Belkin * Precision Parts, Inc.(A) * Lake of the Hills [AFEE] * Technical Data Corporation: Business Plan * Stamp Plus [AFEE] * Boston Duck Tours, 1996: Has Boston Gone Quakers? * Fjord Trading Co. (A) [Babson 802-060-1] * Calyx & Corolla * Case: Harris Seafood, Inc. * Davis Boatworks * Virginia Craftsmen, Inc. [Darden UVA-G-0286] * Wirefab,Inc.(A)

ENT 5912 Entrepreneurial Finance

This course will cover various aspects of financing entrepreneurial ventures. Topics will include methods of financing, financials, techniques for valuing new businesses and financial structure. Funding sources examined will include commercial banks, small business investment companies, SBIC, business angels, IPO, Series A& B & C financing, acquisitions, LBO, and venture capital companies. These processes are often referred to as sourcing, diligence and valuation. Concepts are illustrated through twenty-two Harvard Business School, Babson College, and Stanford cases, supplemented by notes and readings. Concepts are illustrated through field and case studies and guest speakers. Twenty HBS cases are used: * Cityspace * Widget, Inc. (A) and (B) FEE  * Ruth M. Owades  * Band of Angels * ONSET Ventures * Stratus Computer * Science Technology Company-1985 * Pathfinder Capital * Parenting Magazine * Kochman, Reidt+ Haigh, Inc. * Starbucks 98 * Be Our Guest * Gordon Biersch Stanford SB-130 * Friendly Cards, Inc. * John M. Case Company * BCI Growth III: May 1993 * Brazos Partners: the CoMark LBO * Interco * Netscape's IPO * Bio Transplant Inc. * Eskimo Pie Corporation * The Carlton Polish Company  * Transportation Displays Incorporated (A)

ENT 5922 Intellectual Property

A practicum course that provides students with opportunities to apply concepts mastered in previous business courses. The University of Oklahoma is a leading research institution. Many of the patented ideas/technology that come from engineering, chemistry, biology, the Health Sciences Center, etc. need analysis. What is the technology application? Is it enough for a business, a product line, or an add-on to an existing product? You will answer those questions. An initial focal point of the class will be an all-day boot camp that will introduce you to the technologies and key commercialization topics. Each team, of 3-4 students, will work with a piece of intellectual property that is individually developed or is a part of the University's intellectual property portfolio. Students will perform a due diligence, which will generally involve researching the feasibility of commercializing patented IP, doing market research, finding potential partners, and beginning to develop a feasibility study. A list of IP to be used for your projects will be available during the first class session. Student groups must be formed and technology chosen before the second class. There are four cases. The HBS cases are about IP: The Intellectual Property Exchange, Milcom: An External Partnership to Commercialize Military Technologies,  * Furqan Nazeeri * the IMTradertm Spin-Out * Dr. John's Products, Ltd.

ENT 5931 Strategic Business Plan I

This course is designed to help students learn how to explore entrepreneurial opportunities, generate ideas for new business concepts, and then determine the feasibility of these business concepts. Getting students to start thinking rigorously and analytically about business concepts that they might like to be involved with presents a great learning opportunity.

ENT 5932 Strategic Business Plan II

This course is designed to teach you to think through, evaluate and prepare a written business plan for an entrepreneurial venture. The entrepreneurial process of developing and launching an entrepreneurial venture is one of the most exciting activities undertaken in business. Creating a business plan can be exhilarating, challenging, and at times, frustrating. This course will help you develop a comprehensive strategy and plan for launching and growing a new business. Because the development of a new business concept today often demands expertise in divergent areas and high levels of energy, ventures are usually started by teams. Therefore, you will work in teams in this class in developing a business concept and plan. Furthermore, this class is not about running a small business or a sole proprietorship. Rather, it is about creating a new venture in a viable market that has the potential to develop into a significant organization with the intent of creating significant financial and social wealth. Your entrepreneurship program has been designed to teach you to develop critical skills that allow you to analyze a wide variety of business opportunities and problems. This course is designed for you to now develop your own business opportunity and strategies. Consequently, this course represents at least a partial integration of your formal education and work experience to create business value where none previously existed.

ENT 5942 Market Development

This class deals with the issues an entrepreneur might face during the launch phase of his or her new venture and/or new product. The case-based curriculum teaches students the critical questions that must be answered in order to turn products and ideas into sales and revenue. Issues to be covered are opportunity identification, manufacturing, pricing, market segmentation, advertising, promotions, public relations, branding, sales, negotiations, channels, service, franchising, competition, and strategy. Concepts are illustrated through field and case studies and guest speakers. Twenty HBS cases are used:  * Nantucket Nectars * Marcia Radosevich and Health Payment Review - 1989 (A) * Heineken N.V.: Global Branding and Advertising * The Gillette Company: Dry Idea Advertising (A) * Gardenburger Advertising Strategy (A) * Nike Inc: Developing an Effective Public Relations Strategy [Ivey 9A99C034]) * Burberry  * Virgin Mobile USA: Pricing for the Very First Time  * Starbucks: Delivering Customer Service * InPart * SaleSoft, Inc. (A) * Steinway & Sons: Buying a Legend (A) * At Play Productions * Ingersoll-Rand (A): Managing Multiple Channels -1985 * Barilla SpA (A) * Donner Co. * National Bicycle Industrial Co. *Supercuts [Stanford E12] * Warner-Lambert Ireland: Niconil * Sealed Air Corporation