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OU Entrepreneurship Expo

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Price College of Business  - Entrepreneurship EXPO - The University of Oklahoma

What is the Virtual Entrepreneurship Expo

The third annual OU Entrepreneurship Expo will be virtual and entirely online in 2020.

Expo is a public exhibition for students, local business owners, and entrepreneurs of all ages to exhibit their products and services.

Each applicant will share a  video describing their business. Selected videos will be publicly shared on the OU Expo YouTube Channel for each division. A panel of judges will select the best from each division to be highlighted on the final awards ceremony.

Divisions and Prizes

Pre-Seed Divisions: Early-stage startups are companies that have not received funds from outside investors (either equity or loans) and are still working on demonstrating product-market fit. Every business starts with an idea and at the early stage you are developing a product or service, seeking to obtain your first customers, and building your brand. The Pre-Seed divisions range from companies who are at the idea stage to those that have a product or service they are starting to sell to customers.

Seed Division: You have incorporated your business and you are seeking to grow. Over the life of your business your cumulative revenues must not have exceeded $100,000 and you have not raised more than $100,000 in investment in equity or debt.  

  • Pre-seed: Elementary – kindergarten - 5th Grade – 90 sec. video
    • 1st place  – $50 Scholarship and gift basket
  • Pre-Seed: Junior – 6th - 8th Grade – 90 sec. video
    • 1st place  – $100 Scholarship and interview with an entrepreneur
  • Pre-Seed: High School – Grade 9th to 12th – 90 sec. video
    • 1st place  – $500 Scholarship and interview with entrepreneur.
  • Pre-Seed: College students – enrolled as undergrad or graduate student part-time or full-time – 90 sec. video
    • 1st place –  $1000 Check Award
  • Pre-Seed: Community – an entrepreneur over 18 seeking to demonstrate your product or service fills a market need. - 90 sec. video max.
    • 1st place  – $1000 Check Award
  • Seed:  All ages - 90 sec. video max.
    • 1st place  – $1000 Check Award

The University of Oklahoma, in compliance with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity, gender expression, age, religion, disability, political beliefs, or status as a veteran in any of its policies, practices, or procedures.

The decision of the Judges in every instance shall be final and unchallengeable. In their absolute discretion, the Judges may declare an entry void if it does not meet any of the required criteria.

Important Dates

  • Applications open: Thursday, Oct. 1
  • Applications close: Sunday, Nov. 8
  • Exhibitors announced: Friday, Nov. 13
  • Virtual OU Entrepreneurship Expo: Nov. 16-18
  • Virtual Expo Awards: 6-7 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 19


Frequently Asked Questions

The expo is a good chance to get early stage feedback on your venture concept from successful entrepreneurs, professional investors, and the community.

At best, you may take orders for your product or arrange a continued discussion for possible investment. At worst, you will learn whether other people think your venture is not viable before you sink time and money into it.

Beyond gaining feedback and sales, the expo is a gathering place where you can find collaborators, spark innovative ideas, and build connections to take dreams and make them a reality.

  • OU students, faculty, staff, and alumni
  • Open to the public
  • Special invitation to investors and community leaders

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