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Marcus Wolfe

Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
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Marcus Wolfe

Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
Michael F. Price Professor of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

Marcus Wolfe

Department: Tom Love Division of Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
Program Area: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Failure, Decision Making and Cognition, Biology/Entrepreneurship Interface
Office: Price Hall Room 3050B
Phone: (405) 325-1638
Address: 307 W. Brooks, Price Hall Room 3050B
Norman, OK 73019

Professor Wolfe teaches and researches in the area of entrepreneurship. His research primarily focuses on learning from entrepreneurial failure, entrepreneurial cognition and decision making, as well as the potential biological factors that influence entrepreneurship. His research has appeared in a number of leading peer-reviewed journals including the Academy of Management Journal, the Journal of Business Venturing, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, and Small Business Economics. He has also been involved in founding and running a number of new venture start-ups in a wide range of industry sectors. Professor Wolfe earned his Ph.D. from Indiana University, and prior to joining OU he was an Assistant Professor at Ball State University.

Degrees Earned:
  • B. S. in Biochemistry, Indiana University
  • M. S. in Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin – Madison
  • M. B. A. in Finance, Indiana University
  • Ph. D. in Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management, Indiana University

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Wolfe, M. T., and Patel, P. C. (forthcoming). “I’ll sleep when I’m dead? Sleep and self-employment”, Small Business Economics, all authors attributed with equal contribution.

Wolfe, M. T., and Patel, P. C. (forthcoming). “Labor of love? The influence of work conditions among self-employed and work stress”, Journal of Business Venturing Insights.

Wolfe, M. T., Patel, P. C., and Drover, A. W. (forthcoming). “The influence of hypomania symptoms on wealth attainment in self-employment”, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.

Patzelt, H., Behrens, J., Wolfe, M. T., and Shepherd, D. A. (forthcoming). “Transitioning from one project to the next? Empowerment, affective commitment, and work stress linking transition activities to project performance”, Journal of Business Venturing.

Patel, P. C., Wolfe, M. T., and Williams, T. A. (forthcoming). “Self-employment and allostatic load”, Journal of Business Venturing. The first two authors are listed alphabetically, attributed with equal contribution.

Marvel, M. R., Sullivan, D. M., and Wolfe, M. T. (forthcoming). “Accelerating sales in startups: A domain planning, network reliance, and resource complementary perspective”, Journal of Small Business Management.

Wolfe, M. T., and Patel, P. (forthcoming). “Instant gratification: Temporal discounting and self-employment”, Small Business Economics.

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