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Saleh S. Tabrizy

Entrepreneurship & Economic Development
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Saleh S. Tabrizy

Associate Professor

Saleh Sahabeh Tabrizy

Department: Tom Love Division of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Office: Price Hall 3005D
Phone: (405) 325-1638
Address: 1003 Asp Ave., Price Hall 3005D
Norman, OK 73019

Personal Website

An economist by training, Saleh Sahabeh Tabrizy, PhD, joined the Tom Love Division of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Fall 2021. Prior to that, he was a faculty member at Department of Economics, College of Arts and Sciences (Fall 2015-Spring 2021). His research interests include international economics and the economics of development, innovation, and growth. And his current teaching responsibilities include graduate-level courses in applied statistics and economics. Ever since he joined OU, Saleh has been teaching a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in economics and business administration. In Spring 2021, he received the John H. and Jane M. Patten Teaching Award in recognition of his outstanding contribution as a classroom instructor. He is also on the editorial review board for Journal of African Business, published by Routledge: Taylor & Francis Group.

2010 – 2015: Ph.D. in Economics, University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee

2009 – 2010: A.S.C. in International Economic Policy Research, Kiel Institute for the World Economy

2007 – 2009: M.Sc. in International Economics and Finance, Otto-Von-Guericke University of Magdeburg

2002 – 2006: B.A. in Economics, Allameh Tabataba'i University

'Exchange Rate and Agricultural Trade: Evidence from Iran' (with Behzad Fakari Sardehae and Naser Shahnoushi Foroushani), Economics Bulletin, Forthcoming.

'Inflation in Iran: An Empirical Assessment of the Key Determinants' (with Maryam Hemmati and Yashar Tarverdi), Journal of Economic Studies, Forthcoming.

'Gendered Effects of Sanctions on Manufacturing Employment: Evidence from Iran’ (with Firat Demir), Review of Development Economics, Volume 26, Issue 4, PP. 2040-2069, November 2022.

‘Exchange Rates and Trade Balances: Effects of Intra-Industry Trade and Vertical Specialization’ (with Rebecca Neumann), Open Economies Review, Volume 32, Issue 3, PP. 613-647, July 2021.

‘Political Agreements and Exporting Activities: An Empirical Assessment of the Effects of the JCPOA Agreement on Iran’s Exports’ (with Ali Dadpay), Comparative Economic Studies, Volume 63, Issue 1, PP. 147-180. Mar. 2021.  

‘Industrial Research and Development and Real Exchange Rate Depreciation in a Small Open Economy’ The World Economy, Volume 43, Issue 9, PP. 2490-2523, September 2020.

‘Is ‘No News’ Really ‘Good News’? Country Visibility and the Location Choice in Foreign Direct Investment’ (with Laurel Adams and Rebecca Neumann), International Review of Applied Economics, Volume 32, Issue 4, PP. 489-524, May 2018.

‘Productivity and Offshoring Innovative Activities’ Economics of Innovation and New Technology, Volume 26, Issue 6, PP. 501-515, June 2017.

‘An Empirical Assessment of the Effects of Trade in Innovative Tasks on Innovation Output’ Southern Economic Journal, Volume 82, Issue 1, PP. 307-334, July 2015.