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Colloquium on Environmental, Social, and Governance Disclosure

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Colloquium on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Disclosure

Venue: Zoom

Date: December 8th, 2021
12:30-5:00 pm CST

Organizers: Lubo Litov and Agnes Cheng 


12:30 pm – 1:20 pm CST

Carbon Disclosure and the Cost of Capital

Patrick Bolton (Columbia Business School), Marcin T. Kacperczyk (Imperial College London)

Discussant: Qiang Wu (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)


1:20 pm – 2:10 pm CST

Does Mandated Corporate Social Responsibility Crowd Out Voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility? Evidence from India

Shivaram Rajgopal (Columbia Business School), Prasanna L. Tantri (Indian School of Business)

Discussant: Ilia Dichev (Emory University)


2:10 pm – 3:00 pm CST

Is Pollution Value-Maximizing? The DuPont Case

Roy Shapira (IDC Herzliya), Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago)

Discussant: Ofer Eldar (Duke University)


Interim Break:  3:00 pm – 3:05 pm CST



3:05 pm – 3:55 pm CST

Climate Risk Disclosure and Institutional Investors

Emirhan Ilhan (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management), Philipp Krueger (University of Geneva), Zacharias Sautner (Frankfurt School of Finance & Management), and Laura Starks (University of Texas – Austin)

Discussant: Harrison Hong (Columbia Business School)


3:55 pm – 4:45 pm CST

ESG Confusion and Stock Returns: Tackling the Problem of Noise

Florian Berg (MIT), Julian Koelbel (University of Zurich), Anna Pavlova (London Business School), Roberto Rigobon (MIT)

Discussant: Ing-Haw Cheng (University of Toronto)