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Travel Request Form

Terms and Conditions


The Oklahoma state legislature has in the past (and continues to) put more scrutiny, at all levels, on the state’s institutions of higher education.  As a result, the accumulated message is that we (higher education) waste public funds and one area we spend too much on is travel; hence, travel expenditures have become an increasingly highly visible special interest item.

Price College Guidelines

(For College Level Funds)

  • Achieving cost savings for the College, regardless of the source of funds, is paramount. Official travel arrangements should, in general, be made at the least possible cost without imposing any undue/unreasonable burden upon the traveler.
  • The University has a competitively priced Business Travel Services contract with several travel agencies and utilization of these services is highly recommended as it affords the employee access to travel services (usually airline tickets) without any upfront out-of-pocket expense on their part (assuming they have an approved travel request).
  • On occasion, travelers may be able to secure better priced travel services on their own without utilizing the Business Travel Services contract travel agents. When this situation arises, the College will provide reimbursement of the travel ticket (typically an airline ticket), if all of the following conditions are met:
    • An approved travel request is on file
    • Proof of purchase is provided
    • It can be demonstrated the reimbursement resulted in cost savings when compared to what the travel ticket would have cost if the University’s Business Travel Services contract had been utilized. This process is commonly known as providing a “cost comparison quote” and it should be provided along with the two above listed items.
      • NOTE:  It is almost impossible to get a “cost comparison quote” from travel agents after the dates of travel.  Travelers are strongly encouraged to get a quote first before purchasing any travel ticket on their own.

If all three above conditions exist, the traveler can be reimbursed, but all three must exist.

  • All travelers traveling outside of the State and all visitors traveling into the State who elect to travel in their privately owned vehicle (POV) must present an airfare cost comparison quote that demonstrates it is more cost effective to drive their POV rather than purchase an airline ticket. The cost comparison quote should be attached to the travel request when submitted.
  • University policy requires all travel claims to be in the office of Financial Services no later than 120 days after completion of the travel. However, it is unreasonable for travelers to turn in their claims on the 120th day and expect for F&O personnel to be able to turn around a travel claim, resolve issues, complete foreign currency conversions, get all signatures, etc., in one day. Therefore, all travel claim backup materials must be turned in to F&O no later than 90 days after completion of the travel. If extraordinary circumstances present themselves which necessitates submittal after 90 days, arrangements must be made ahead of time or as soon as the special circumstance is known.