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Parking Information

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Parking Information

The event will take place in the OCCE Thurman J. White Forum Building. Free Parking is available but the venue will be very busy that day.

We have worked with CART as to allow folks to park at LNC and then ride CART and be dropped off at the stop right in front of the Admin Building on Asp. Arrive early to find parking at the forum or take the shuttle from LNC to the OCCE building.

Let the drivers know as you board the bus, that you will be getting off at the OCCE.  Drivers will watch for those wanting to return to the LNC standing at the CART bus stop #112 which is on the west side of the road headed southbound. Shuttle drops off right Infront of the Admin Building and then will just need to cross the street and walk to the Forum building and pickup is right outside of the Admin Building in the corner of the visitors spots. There are signs at both locations. The shuttles run every 5-8 minutes and there are 6-8 shuttles running at all times.

OCCE Thurman J. White Building
1704 Asp Ave.
Norman, OK 73072