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Honors College

It's as Easy as 1-2-3 to be in the Honors College!!

1. Apply

Students applying directly from high school:

  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.75 OR be in top 10% of graduating class and Minimum ACT score of 30 OR minimum SAT score of 1300

Current OU students or transfer student:

  • 15 hours of college credit and Minimum GPA of 3.40
  • 9 hours of Honors level courses (can be used to fulfill your own majors' requirements or general requirements)
  • Honors course 2973 (Perspectives on the American Experience)
  • Honors course 3993 (Honors Colloquium)
  • Honors reading and research (credit given for researching and writing your Honors thesis. Will often be a paper already due for your major)
  • Submit the Honors thesis

Having completed all of the above requirements and maintaining an OU retention and combined retention GPA of 3.40 and above, you will graduate with the following designation (the most prestigious undergraduate degree designation attainable at OU):

  • cum laude: 3.4-3.59
  • magna cum laude: 3.6-3.79
  • summa cum laude: 3.8-4.0

Call the Honors College at (405) 325-5291


Visit our website at

Reasons to be in the Honors College (pdf)

View Honors Program in IB - 2007 (pdf)