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Nim Razook

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Nim Razook

David Ross Boyd Professor Emeritus of Legal Studies

Nim Razook

Department: Management and International Business
Program Area: Law and Ethics
Phone: (405) 325-5629

Professor Nim Razook is the David Ross Boyd Professor Emeritus of Legal Studies and the former Robert Zinke Chair in Energy Management. His research interests include the meaning of common law obedience, product liability law, issues of federalism associated with federal commercial legislation, and the scope of judicial review of Congressional actions under the Commerce Clause. His articles have appeared in the American Business Law Journal (seven articles) and numerous law reviews. Two of his articles have earned the Hoeber Award as distinguished articles appearing in the American Business Law Journal and two other articles earned Hoeber Awards as best articles in the Journal of Legal Studies Education.

Degrees Earned:

  • J.D. University of Oklahoma
  • B.S. Oklahoma State University
“Common Law Obedience in a Regulatory State,” 47 American Business Law Journal 
75-108 (2010).

“Obeying Common Law,” 46 American Business Law Journal 55-101 (2009) (earned Hoeber Award for Distinguished article in Volume 46 of the ABLJ).

"Duck When a Conflict of Interests Blinds You: Judicial Conflicts of Interest in the Matters of Scalia and Ginsburg," (with Marianne Jennings) 39 University of San Francisco Law Review 873-927 (2005).

“A National Medical Malpractice Act (And Why the Supreme Court May Want to Avoid It),” 28 Seton Hall Legislative Journal 99-126 (2003).

“Leviathans, Critical Thinking and Legal Philosophy: A Proposal for a General Education Legal Studies Course,” 21 Journal of Legal Studies Education 1-31 (2003) [Recipient of Hoeber Award as best paper appearing in Volume 21 of the Journal].

“The Politics and Promise of UCITA,” 36 Creighton Law Review 643-68 (2003).

"U.S. v. Morrison: Where Commerce Clause Meets Civil Rights and Reasonable Minds Part Ways: A Point and Counterpoint from a Constitutional and Social Perspective," (with Marianne Jennings) 35 New England Law Review 23-67 (2000).

"State Private Laws, NCCUSL Signaling and Federal Preemption," 38 American Business Law Journal 41-97 (2000). [Hoeber Award Winner: One of Best Articles in Volume 38]

"Making Learning Groups Effective," Selections (with Larry Michaelsen), Autumn, 1999 / Winter, 2000, pp. 28-35.

“How Sweet It Was (And Still Is?): Science and Public Policy in the Regulation of Saccharin,” 17 The Journal of Legal Studies Education 305-23 (1999) (with Kyle Ferguson) [Note: This article received the Hoeber Award as one of the two best articles appearing in Volume 17 of the JLSE.]

“The Perils of Pragmatic Preemption: A Caution About Using Efficiency Norms in Federal Preemption Decisions” 15 The Journal of Law and Politics 37-65 (1999).

"Looking for Leviathan: Students Embrace and Resist Cooperative Norms in a Prisoners' Dilemma Game" 32 Law Teacher 157-68 (1998).

"Some Order and Some Law: Cooperative Norms, Free Riders and Bridge Burners in Student Teams," 47 Journal of Legal Education 260-65 (1997).

"A Contract Enhancing Norm Limiting Federal Preemption of Presumptively State Domains," 11 B.Y.U. Journal of Public Law 163-82 (1997).

"Legal and Extralegal Barriers to Federal Product Liability Reform," 32 American Business Law Journal 541-582 (1995).

"A Descriptive and Analytical Matrix for Product Liability Defenses," 30 American Business Law Journal 69-96 (1992) (with Jim Horrell and Jeffrey Roblyer).

"The Attitudes of International Students Toward the Legal Environment Course," 9 Journal of Legal Studies Education 395-411 (1991). [This is a revised, more comprehensive treatment of the A.B.L.A. NATIONAL PROCEEDINGS article.]

"The Attitudes of International Students Toward the Legal Environment Course: Interviews and Analysis," Selected Papers of the American Business Law Association Proceedings 360-378 (1990). 

"The Ultimate Purchaser's and Remote Seller's Guide Through the Code Defenses in Product Economic Loss Cases," 23 American Business Law Journal 85-121 
(Refereed Publication – cont.)

(1985). [Cited several times by the Illinois Supreme Court in Szajna v. General Motors, 115 Ill.2d 294, 503 N.E. 2d 760 (1986)]. 

"Merging Comparative Fault and Strict Products Liability: The Case for Judicial Innovation," 20 American Business Law Journal 511-523 (1983).

"Deference Due Federal Reserve Board Staff Opinions," 20 American Business Law Journal 277-283 (1982).

"Farmers, Merchants, and the U.C.C. 2-201," Oklahoma Bar Association Journal 2819-2825 (1979).

(Other Publications)

“They’re Why We’re Here,” 26 Journal of Legal Studies Education 485-88, (2009) (invited essay).

"Legal Studies in General Education: Phase I Final Report," 17 Journal of Legal Studies Education 161-99 (Task Force on General Education: John W. Bagby, Chair; members - Michael Bixby, Lynn Forsythe, Ed Gac and Nim Razook).

"From the Editor," Journal of Legal Studies Education, Vol. 17:1 at iv.- v. (1999).

“From the Editor,” Journal of Legal Studies Education, Vol. 16:2 at iii– v (1999).

“From the Editor,” Journal of Legal Studies Education, Vol. 16:1 at iii (1998).

“From the Editor,” Journal of Legal Studies Education, Vol. 15:2 at iii (1998).

"An Exercise in Ethics", Sooner Magazine 16-19 (Summer 1993).

"Congress Adopts the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act" Great Events in Business and Commerce II (Salem Press, 1994) pp. 1584-88.

Reference and Procedure Manual for the Oklahoma Real Estate Commission (1978) (with Terry Robertson) - a teaching book for those intending to take the state real estate exam.