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Minor in Franchising

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The Franchising Minor enhances the credentials of Price College students and creates a more attractive recruit.  The minor serves all Price College majors, but is particularly beneficial in conjunction with a Marketing Major as a means to increase placement opportunities.

Things to consider:

  • Franchising, distributorships, and other contractual marketing systems are a significant element of today’s coordinated channels of distribution.
  • Franchising cuts across industries and may provide a steady environment of employment opportunities and other types of interactions with practitioners.
  • The OU program is directed to entry-level positions of franchisors, large multi-unit franchisees, and distributorships. Specifically, two areas of placement are:

    1. Franchisor’s Client Representative (provides customer, marketing, and administrative advice to franchisees), such as in:
      • Fast food franchise systems
      • Oil company franchise systems and/or distributors
      • Other contractual channel systems
    2. Franchise management specialist with large multi-unit franchisees and distributorships such as:
      • Loves Corporation
      • Large fast food multi-unit franchisee corporations with multi-units (e.g., Sonic, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, etc.)
      • Other large multi-unit franchisees (e.g., Ace Hardware, hotels, auto dealerships)

The Franchising Minor is a 12 credit hour curriculum with a prerequisite of MKT 3013, Principles of Marketing. In addition, six credit hours of additional coursework are recommended (MKT 3323 & 4123)

(Crosslisted with MKT 3713) Prerequisite: Business Candidacy & 3000 level core or concurrentenrollment. Provides a fundamental understanding of the franchising business model to showcase its unique differential advantages over alternative conventional systems of distribution. In particular, the course will focus on introducing students to operational issues, information flows, financial considerations and relationship processes involved in franchising. (F, Sp)

(Crosslisted with MKT 3723) Prerequisite: Business Candidacy, 3000 level core or concurrentenrollment & FRAN/MKT 3713 or concurrent enrollment. It examines how franchisor-createdcommunications and sales promotions can best be combined with franchisee-created social media programs to present a consistent image across the franchise system. Combinations of media vehicles and messages are explored to present an effective communication strategy. (F, Sp)

(Crosslisted with MKT3343) Prerequisite: Student must be approved for degree candidacy byPrice College, MKT 3013. An analytical approach to the management of retail institutions. Addresses strategic and operating level decision making related to delivery of products and services to consumers, focusing on each of the four dimensions of the marketing mix. Includes modules on electronic commerce and ethical responsibility. (F, Sp)

(Crosslisted with MKT 4713) Prerequisite: Business Candidacy, 3000 level core & FRAN/MKT3713. Emphasizes the process of business decision-making within the setting of a contractual channel of distribution with specific focus on the unique context of a franchising enterprise. Students will be exposed to developing skills in synthesizing diverse knowledge areas in order to arrive at holistic, coherent and responsible strategic decisions. (F, Sp)

(Crosslisted with SCM 3323) Prerequisite: 3013 and declared Marketing major or Supply Chain Management major. Consumer and organizational buying processes are examined. Individual and organizational decision-making frameworks, information technology, and the external environment are studied in the context of forming marketing strategies and tactics. Topics include make or buy decision making; supplier development and outsourcing; supplier evaluation,selection, and management; buyer-seller relationships; purchasing capital goods and services; international and electronic commerce; information processing; social and economic influences; preference formation and change; and image creation and positioning. (F, Sp)

Prerequisite: Student must be approved for degree candidacy by Price College, all 3000-level Business core courses. Addresses the field sales effort of the firm with emphasis on tactical analysis. It examines professional selling as the negotiation process that provides the link between firm and customer with a focus on both the oral and written communication involved. The thrust of the course is application and the view is first line and tactical. (F, Sp)