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Healthcare Business

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Minor in Healthcare Business

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The Healthcare Business minor benefits Price College and the healthcare disciplines through an interdisciplinary arrangement that augments traditional healthcare education, while providing added value to the Price College of Business undergraduate student.

Specifically, the minor offers additional perspective and credentials that supplements the student’s business degree, making them desirable recruits and better prepared employees for hospitals, clinics, and related healthcare organizations.

Students receive a preliminary look into the healthcare sector that will assist them in determining whether they should pursue more formal training at the graduate level in one of the allied health professions in addition to making them more attractive applicants to those programs.

The Healthcare Business minor student has an advantage over traditional students in obtaining employment in organizations that sell to and service the healthcare industry. Pharmaceutical reps, medical equipment agents, and a whole variety of other providers are examples.

The Healthcare Business minor is a 12 credit hour curriculum. The courses are listed below and detailed information is available in the associated course documents:


Prerequisite for Business Majors: Business Candidacy, MKT/HCB 3613. Prerequisite for Non-business Majors: ECON 1123 and MKT/HCB 3613. A wide range of new governmental regulatory interventions in the healthcare arena and changes to the economic environment are directly linked to uncertainty in the structure of health insurance; the contractual arrangements and relationships that exist between patients, doctors, and hospitals. This course explores these issues in detail and presents case studies that will guide the student to a better understanding of healthcare economics. (F, Sp)

Prerequisite for Business Majors: Business Candidacy & MKT 3013 Prerequisite for Non-business Majors: MKT 2013 or 3013. Healthcare organizations must be prepared to shift their strategies in order to meet the increasing demands in this dynamic market. The purpose of this course is to apply the systems of marketing and administration to the problems of health care organizations and provide an insight to the business problems healthcare organizations are likely to encounter. (F, Sp)

Prerequisite for Business Majors: Business Candidacy, 3000-level core courses and HCB/MKT 3613. Prerequisite for Non-business Majors: HCB/MKT 3613 and LS 3323. The Healthcare Industry continues to undergo enormous changes with new laws, regulations and policies,
fresh innovations and the increasingly higher expectations of the healthcare
consumer. With this in mind, it is a necessary requirement to develop a process
of creating a strong ethical climate within a healthcare organization. This course
explores the complex moral, ethical and legal issues that continue to arise within
the healthcare profession. (F, Sp)

Prerequisites: junior standing, senior standing; MIS 2113; MGT 3013; MKT 3013; LS 3323; FIN 3303. Focuses on the foundation concepts necessary to gain an understanding of the industry, data communications and telecommunications networks and cyber security concepts. Key topic areas of the course are: OSI and Internet network models, Standards &
Protocols, Business Infrastructure Design (LAN, WLAN, Backbone Networks,
WAN, Connection to the Internet), Cyber Security Concepts, Basic technical and
managerial aspects of business infrastructure, Practitioners concerns and
perspectives. (F, Sp)