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Mei Li

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Mei Li

Associate Professor of Supply Chain Management

Mei Li

Department: Marketing and Supply Chain Management
Program Area: Supply Chain Management
Office: Adams Hall Room 1D
Phone: (405) 325-3561
Address: 307 W. Brooks, Room 1D
Norman, OK 73019

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Mei Li received a Ph.D. from Arizona State University, where she studied supply chain management. Her primary research interests include interdisciplinary service research, supply network research and big data analytics. Her research has appeared in Production and Operations Management Journal, Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Marketing, Strategic Management Journal, Decision Sciences JournalJournal of Supply Chain ManagementJournal of Business Logistics, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, and Data Science and Management Journal. Her Journal of Marketing article received the Best Service Article Award in 2015. Li serves on the Editorial Review Board of Journal of Supply Chain Management and is an Associate Editor for Data Science and Management Journal.

Selected Publications:

  • Li, M, Choi, T., Sanders, N., Falcone, E., & Chang, X. (2021). The role of people in buyer–supplier collaboration: Strategic model vs. people-centric model. In Press, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management.
  • Li, M., Alam., Z., Bernardes, E., Giannoccaro, I., Skilton, P., Rahman., M. S. (2021). Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Modeling the Impacts of Financial Squeeze on Extended Supply Chain Networks. Forthcoming at Journal of Business Logistics.
  • Li, M., Arifin, S. M. N., Devaraj, S., Madey, G. R., & Casetti, A. (2021). An exploratory study of the growth of the accountable care organization and its impact on physician groups’ profit: A complex adaptive system approach. In Press, Data Science and Management Journal.
  • Chang, X., Huang, Y., Li, M., Bo, X., & Kumar, S. (2020). Efficient Detection of Environmental Violators: A Big Data Approach. Forthcoming at Production and Operations Management Journal.
  • Skilton, P. F., Bernardes, E., Li, M., & Creek, S. A. (2020). The Structure of Absorptive Capacity in Three Product Development Strategies. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 56(3), 47-65.
  • Li, M., Wu, Y., He, Y., Huang, S., & Nair, A. (2020). Sparse inverse covariance estimation: a data mining technique to unravel holistic patterns among business practices in firms. Decision Sciences Journal, 51(4), 1046-1073.
  • Dong, B., Li, M., & Sivakumar, K. (2019). Online review characteristics and trust: A cross-country examination. Decision Sciences Journal, 50(3), 537-566.
  • Li, M., Lin, Y., Huang, S., & Crossland, C. (2016). The use of sparse inverse covariance estimation for relationship detection and hypothesis generation in strategic management. Strategic Management Journal, 37(1), 86–97.
  • Sivakumar, K., Li, M., & Dong, B. (2014). Service quality: The impact of frequency, timing, proximity, and sequence of failures and delights. Journal of Marketing, 78(1), 41–58.
  • Li, M., Choi, T. Y., Rabinovich, E., & Crawford, A. (2013). Inter-customer interactions in self-service setting: Implications for perceived service quality and repeat purchasing intentions. Production and Operations Management Journal, 22(4), 888–914.
  • Barratt, M., Choi, T. Y., & Li, M. (2011). Qualitative case studies in operations management: Trends and future research implications (1992–2007). Journal of Operations Management 29(4), 329–342.
  • Li, M., & Choi, T. Y. (2009). Triads in services outsourcing: Bridge, bridge decay and bridge transfer. Journal of Supply Chain Management, 45(3), 27–39.