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Student Professional Organizations

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Student Professional Organizations

AMA – American Marketing Association

The American Marketing Association is a professional association for individuals and organizations leading the practice, teaching and development of marketing knowledge worldwide. The purpose of OU's AMA chapter is to foster study, research, and experiences in the field of marketing; to develop sound thinking in marketing theory and more exact knowledge and definition of marketing principles; to improve the methods and techniques of marketing research; to develop better understanding and appreciation of marketing problems; to study and discuss social issues regarding marketing; to encourage and uphold sound, honest practices, and to keep marketing operations on a high ethical plane; and to promote mutually beneficial relations between students, faculty, and marketing professionals.

Students should join OU's AMA chapter because of the unique opportunities it provides in addressing these objectives. We bring in speakers within the field of marketing from many different companies to speak to our members to inform them more about the field. In addition, as a member of AMA, you get access to the many resources provided by them, including Marketing News, the official publication of the American Marketing Association. Please visit OU Engage for more information.

APICS - The Association for Operations Management

The Association for Operations Management (APICS) is the premier organization in the Supply Chain and Operations Management field.  Since 1957 APICS has offered a body of knowledge in the field of Supply Chain and Operations Management.  APICS has over 40,000 members in over 10,000 companies, in 18 countries. It also has over 200 affiliated student chapters worldwide.  APICS boasts a wide network of companies, professionals and students within the field. As a student member, you can connect with other students in your major, and with professors. Membership also gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills to enhance your resume. In addition, APICS offers free and discounted events such as facility/plant tours, Professional Chapter meetings, the APICS International Conference and Expo, other conferences and webinars, etc.  These are great opportunities to learn from, and network, with local and international professionals.

The student chapter of APICS at OU was started in the fall of 2013 by Augie Peterson and Dr. Samir Barman. Since then, the organization has added four positions: president, vice president, treasurer, and outreach. Every month we host speakers from the industry to help students connect their subject matter to real world applications. Since APICS at OU is still growing, we are always looking for new leaders so that we can create more positions and expand our programming. Student membership is FREE. Get involved at OU Engage

For additonal questions contact Natasha Bennett or President, Becka Nguyen

The Healthcare Business Club

The healthcare industry is a dynamic aggregation and integration of sectors including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, medical supplies, physician practice management, hospitals, clinics and outpatient facility management, home care and alternative medical services. To say the least, the industry is vast, among the largest employers in the US. and exciting.

The Healthcare Business Club at The Price School of Business at the University of Oklahoma will acquaint you with these sectors, the thought leaders and executives thereof and help you identify internships and positions that may lead to a career in the healthcare industry. You will listen to industry speakers, meet recruiters from healthcare organizations and learn about the fast growing healthcare industry.

Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence (WISE)

Women Impacting Supply Chain Excellence (WISE) is a Department of Supply Chain Management organization for students with the primary purpose of promoting the field of supply chain management/logistics.

Advancing Supply Chain Management

WISE promotes the field by:

  • sparking an interest in supply chain management/logistics to a diverse group of students
  • serving as a networking and mentoring opportunity with high-level industry members from well-known corporations serving in WISE's executive branch
  • offering career-based advice and knowledge from the perspective of both female executives in the industry and student peers with internship/industry experience
  • encouraging the discussion and understanding of challenges pertaining to gender diversity in the supply chain industry

WISE membership is not exclusive to female students and, in fact, welcomes male students who support female involvement in the field of logistics. WISE membership is also open to anyone with an interest in learning more about the field of supply chain management, regardless of their major.

Four Strategic Initiatives of WISE

All activities and events for WISE members are based on four strategic initiatives:

  1. making connections
  2. professional development
  3. leadership skills
  4. industry knowledge

Each of these initiatives helps ensure that WISE members are prepared for their future careers.