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Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management

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PhD in Supply Chain Management

Program Description

At the University of Oklahoma, the substantive emphasis of the doctoral program in Supply Chain Management focuses on nurturing and shaping independent scholars in supply chain management.  The doctoral program places a high emphasis on formal and informal mentoring of students. Faculty. work closely with PhD students training them to become great scholars, educators, and colleagues. Our faculty is renowned within the field of supply chain management and have extensively published their research in top academic supply chain journals. They also are active in industry research with several years of field experience in top global companies around the world.

All domains within supply chain management including procurement, operations and logistics are emphasized.

The University of Oklahoma doctoral program will help you develop an in-depth knowledge of supply chain management topics. Since research in supply chain management takes place at the intersection of many underlying “foundation” disciplines, you will be encouraged to also study concepts and principles in organizational theory, industrial engineering, psychology, health sciences, and economics.  For the methods training, students are encouraged to upskill not only in advanced statistical techniques but also in econometrics, panel data analyses, structural equation modeling, meta-analysis and systems dynamics (to name a few). Rigorous and scientific method based qualitative techniques such as ethnographic studies, case study research, design science and action research are also encouraged.  Our doctoral program provides you with the necessary skills for a successful career of research and teaching in top notch research-oriented universities.

The program’s objectives are:

  • to provide a strong foundation in supply chain management concepts for research and teaching
  • to prepare students for academic careers in supply chain management

The doctoral program in Supply Chain Management focuses on competence in strategic aspects of supply chain management, supply chain management theory, and behavioral concepts in supply chain management. Students receive rigorous training in many research methodologies that are important to conduct rigorous supply chain management research. Most doctoral candidates are appointed to a research assistantship early in their program to encourage interaction with faculty members.  In addition, many summer research and research related-travel opportunities are provided for students. It is expected that Oklahoma supply chain management specialization doctoral students be intimately involved in activities that prepare them for their careers as academics such as PhD program consortiums in key supply chain management conferences, presenting papers at reputed national and international conferences and working with faculty and industry partners to attract research grants that will enable students to pursue and conduct cutting edge research in supply chain management.

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