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Oskari Jaakkola

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Oskari Jaakkola

CEO and founder, Cactos

Oskari Jaakkola.

Oskari Jaakkola, CFA is the CEO and founder of Cactos, a fast-growing Finnish battery energy storage developer, operator and fund manager. Oskari's background is in the energy industry, where he worked with offshore oil production infrastructure development and financing. Along with smart battery energy storage system development, Cactos manages the first pure-play battery energy storage investment fund in Finland, Cactos Fleet Finland LP.

Cactos offers its clients battery energy storage systems as a service. Cactos is responsible for assembly, installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and financing of the BESS. Cactos also provides all the required software and is responsible for market operations.

Cactos Fleet Finland investment fund is one of the first pure-play BESS investment funds in Europe. Currently it owns more than 50 BESS's ranging from 100 kWh to 2.5 MWh in capacity. The fund's investment period runs for another two years during which it aims to invest 70M EUR into battery energy storage systems across Finland.