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Digital Tech Guide

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Digital Technologies Guide

The Digital Technologies certificate offered through the division of Management Information Systems seeks to help students understand how information systems impact the performance of, and add value to organizations; and analyze and design computer-based information systems based on a thorough comprehension of business and technology theory and practice. This certificate is based on two guiding principles:

•Effective digital technologies knowledge requires a sound foundation of business andmanagement knowledge. For example, designing, building and implementing value-addinginformation systems requires that project team members understand business strategy, industrystructures, organizational behavior, and relevant functional knowledge domains (i.e., accounting,finance, marketing, production/operations, etc).

•Effective digital technologies knowledge requires a strong base of theory and principles inprogramming, database, and analysis/design; a working knowledge of a broad range ofinformation technologies; and, hands-on experience in applying these technical skills toproblems in actual organizations.

Admission Requirements:

Interested applicants should submit an application through the Office of Graduate Admissions website. Applicants will be asked to provide the following:

•Official transcripts for all institutions attended.

•Official scores from the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or GRE.


•A statement of your career and educational goals.

Required Courses (2 hours):

MIT 5602 Management Information Technology (2 hours)
This course examines the role of information technology, and its management, in supporting an organization's (internally- and externally-focused) operations and strategies. Particular attention is given to issues associated with the funding and building of business and technology architectures to enable efficient, effective, and adaptable operational, tactical and strategic actions.

And any five of the following courses (10 hours):

MIT 5612 Database Design and Administration (2 hours)
This course is concerned with the design and governance of organizational data and its use. In this module, students will learn about the roles of database designers and administrators. Along the way, students will learn about the modeling techniques used by database designers to develop organizational databases and the standard language used to interface with databases. Co-requisite/prerequisite: MIT 5602

MIT 5772 Principles of Data Warehousing (2 hours)
This class will introduce students to concepts relating to a data warehouse (DW), considered a core component of business intelligence and data analytics in an organization. Students will learn to use current tools to develop requirements and create and maintain a DW. Students will also learn to manipulate data in the DW to extract and generate analytical reports for employees. Corequisite/prerequisite: MIT 5602

MIT 5732 Managing Business Intelligence (2 hours)
This course will adopt a managerial perspective to recognizing the role of Business Intelligence and provide practical hands-on experience. Course sessions will help students understand how organizations could develop strategies to discover patterns in data and use this to compete in the global marketplace. Prerequisite MIT 5602 and MIT 5612 or MIT 5772

MIT 5662 Project Management (2 hours)
Focus on managing projects, including their implementation within an organization. Planning, organizing, staffing and controlling projects require traditional management skills, an understanding of quality assurance techniques, and an appreciation of the unique challenges of managing projects. Prerequisite MIT 5602

MIT 5682 Business Data Analysis (2 hours)
Surveys analysis tools available in Excel relevant to business decision-making. The objective of the course is to be aware and comfortable with analytical techniques used for knowledge discovery, and to understand the power and potential of these tools in business settings.

MIT 5692 E-Business Architecture (2 hours)
Introduces students to enterprise systems and provides an overview of the managerial and technical issues in planning, designing, implementing, and extending enterprise system and technologies. Focus of the course is managerial with some technical content and several hand-on exercises involving enterprise software from the industry leader SAP. Prerequisite MIT 5602 or MIT 5622

NOTE: Additional MIT courses are available.