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Healthcare Guide

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Healthcare Administration Guide

The new MBA Healthcare Administration certificate is a collaboration between the Price College of Business and OU’s College of Public Health. Both colleges recognize the importance of strategically combining business and healthcare education as we proceed further into the 21st century.

Curriculum is designed and taught by Masters of Healthcare (MHA) faculty.

Topics covered include:

  • Theories and principles of healthcare administration
  • Present and historical practices
  • Healthcare Operations
  • Financing Healthcare
  • Government's role in effecting healthcare
  • Gaining and giving value to and from patients
  • The effects of technology on healthcare
  • Healthcare legislation
  • Challenges facing healthcare

Required Courses:

HAP 5453 U.S. Healthcare System (3 hours)
This course focuses on the history and structure of health organizations in the U.S. Also examined are the functional interrelations among institutional and financial arrangements in the health industry. The course concludes with a comparison of international health systems.

And three of any of the following courses:

HAP 5203 Health Economics (3 hours)
This course is designed to give students an overview of health care markets. Topics include supply and demand of medical care, physicians input into the production of health care, supply and demand health insurance, medical liability costs, and the role of alternative delivery systems in health care markets.

HAP 5733 Managed Care and Integrated Delivery Systems (3 hours)
Course focuses on the structures and processes that characterize managed care organizations and integrated health systems. Contractual obligations and relations among health professionals are also discussed.

HAP 5613 Financial Management of Health Services Organizations (3 hours)
The course focuses on indicators of fiscal performance that are common to all health service organizations. Emphasized are the fundamentals of managing working capital, sources of funding and capital rationing. The course concludes with discussion of advanced methods of improving profitability.

HAP 5873 Health Information Systems (3 hours)
Covers the methods, techniques and technologies used to collect, analyze, and disseminate information needed to effectively manage health service organizations. Includes, but is not limited to, the use of computers in managing organizations.

HAP 5883 Healthcare Quality Management (3 hours)
The course will provide an overview of concepts of the measurement of healthcare quality, including a fundamental understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of measuring structural, process, and outcomes measures; and will introduce various frameworks for improving the quality and safety of patient care. We will spend time discussing the role of leadership in driving healthcare quality improvement, and will discuss fundamentals of teamwork skills used to improve care.