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Sample Schedule-Pharm

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Sample Schedule

Aug to Mid-OctMid- Oct to DecEarly JanuaryJan to Mid-MarchMid-March to May 
Fall Spring 
Pharmacy Practice I
PHAR 7122
Pharmacy Practice II
PHAR 7124
PHAR 7104
Principles of Drug Action I
PHAR 7133
Principles of Drug Action II
PHAR 7422
Pharmaceutical Mathematics
PHAR 7112
Pharmaceutical Immunology
PHAR 7153
Human Physiology
PHAR 7456
Drug Information Systems
PHAR 7712
Pharmaceutics I
PHAR 7614
Pharmaceutics II
PHAR 7624
18 hours18 Hours 
Fall Spring 
Pharmacy Practice III
PHAR 7212
Pharmacy Practice IV
PHAR 7222
Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
PHAR 7143
Pharmacy and Health Care Mgmt II
PHAR 7713
PHAR 7834
Patient Assessment
PHAR 7802
Pharmacy and Health Care Mgmt I
PHAR 7704
Care Cardiology
PHAR 7824
Pharm. Care Respritory
and Renal
PHAR 7833
Care Derm
PHAR 7891
Clinical Communications
PHAR 7733
Pharm. Care Health Module
PHAR 7813
MBA Elective  
19 hours17 Hours 
Students must take the GRE or GMAT and apply for the MBA program during the second year; minimum OU GPA and combined GPA of 3.0 is required.
Students should notify the College of Pharmacy of their intent to apply for the Pharmacy/MBA program.
Students must also apply to the Price College of Business during the spring semester of the second year of their Pharmacy program to be admitted by that college to the MBA program.
Fall   Spring    
Pharmacy Practice V
PHAR 7313
 Pharmacy Practice VI
PHAR 7323
Pharmacy Law and Ethics
PHAR 7732
 Drug Literature Evaluation PHAR 7812
PHAR 7163
 Clinical Toxicology PHAR 7512
Pharm. Care Endocrinology
PHAR 7853
Pharm. Care GI/
PHAR 7862

Pharm Care Infectious Diseases PHAR 7873 Pharm. Care Hematology/Oncology
PHAR 7883
Pharm Care
PHAR 7894
Financial Accounting
ACCT 5202
Financial Management
FIN 5102
 Nonprescription Products
PHAR 7882
Professional  Development
BAD 5101
 MBA Custom CoreMarketing Mgmt
MKT 5402
Foundations of MBA Success
BAD 5010
  Professional  Development
BAD 5201
21 hours 21 Hours 
Module 1Module 2Winter IntersessionModule 3Module 4 
Org Behavior
MGT 5702
Managerial Econ
B AD 5102
Global Business Experience
B AD 5812
MBA ElectiveStrategic Management
BAD 5902 (cap)
Mgmt. Info Systems
MIT 5602
MBA Custom CoreMBA ElectivePharmacy Elective (1 hr) 
MBA Elective Bus Ethics
LS 5802
Applied Field Project
B AD 5832
Business Consulting Practicum
B AD 5822
12 hours13 Hours 
Fall Spring 
Community Pharmacy
PHAR 7010
Hospital Pharmacy
PHAR 7020
Adult Medicine I
PHAR 7004
Ambulatory Care I
PHAR 7024
Ambulatory Care II
PHAR 7030
Seminar Pharmacy Practice
PHAR 7970
22 hours16 hours 
Total Hours: 177 (MBA = 48) 
18 hours (MBA Core) +
4 hours (MBA Custom Core) +
6 hours (Experiential) +
8 hours (MBA electives) +
12 hours (Pharmacy Courses)
48 Total Hours
**Assumes that Biostatistics replaces Quant I & Quant II for the MBA Requirements - hours replaced by additional MBA courses