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Ph.D in MIS

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Ph.D in Management Information Systems (MIS)

Specialization Description

The MIS specialization of the PhD in Business Administration at the Michael F. Price College of Business focuses on research aimed at understanding the economic and social contexts and impacts of information technologies. The objective of the program is to develop our students into academic colleagues, equipped with the research and pedagogical skills to enhance our understanding of the issues surrounding information technology use and to add value to the future generations of students they will educate.

The MIS PhD program is a is a full-time doctoral program. All admitted students receive generous stipends and financial support for research-related activities for four years. Students in good standing can secure additional funding for a fifth year, if necessary. Students’ time in the program is spent on coursework that develops their foundational knowledge of MIS research issues and methodologies, conducting research with MIS faculty, apprenticing to faculty teaching undergraduate and masters classes, and independently teaching MIS classes. Being a small, selective program permits faculty to work closely with PhD students.

The MIS faculty at the Price College research a variety of timely and timeless topics around the themes of human-computer interaction and cognition. They employ a range of research methodologies including experiments, surveys, and inductive methods, as depicted below.

Human Technology Interaction

Faculty Research

Based on their publications in the premier MIS journals, MIS faculty research productivity has been ranked in the top 20 nationally and globally.  Faculty currently serve or have served as senior editors of major MIS journals.  Strong faculty-industry relationships offer additional venues for data collection.

The MIS PhD program is small, typically with no more than six students in residence at any time. This allows faculty to work closely with PhD students.  Click here for student testimonials. Students engage in collaborative research with faculty, beginning early in the program. Graduates develop a strong research portfolio, publishing consistently with OU MIS faculty in premier MIS journals. Through research seminars, students have opportunities to network with leading scholars from across discipline.

During their first four years in the program, PhD students independently teach up to four undergraduate classes. Through these teaching assignments, PhD students develop their teaching portfolio. In recent years, PhD students have taught classes such as the introduction to MIS, and on topics such as database and business analytics.

Because of the rigorous preparation our PhD students receive, the program has a history of strong placements. Recent student placements include institutions such as University of Massachusetts (Amherst), University of Tennessee, and University of Utah. Click here to view recent placements.

For additional information on the technical requirements of the program or to request an information packet, contact Brandy Gunter-Cox in the Graduate Programs Office. For other information contact: Heshan Sun.