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From our Former Students...

Annie Tian

Annie Tian (2020)

The MIS Department at the Price College of Business is a research-centered environment where we are strongly encouraged to work on research projects, exploring innovative ideas, and initiate academic conversations. Through immersing myself in this intellectually enlightening environment, I was able to deepen my learning and the doctoral seminars. As a Ph.D. student, I enjoy great freedom in choosing research ideas and collaborating with faculty with expertise on specific subjects. Hence, each of us can be prolific by managing a portfolio of research projects simultaneously and exploring a diverse set of research questions.

Dawei (David) Wang

Dawei (David) Wang (2019)

OU MIS PhD program offers opportunities to work with renowned faculty members with diverse research expertise. In pursuing my PhD, I learned a great amount from the faculty. Social life at OU is fun. OU has great sports teams like football, baseball, and gymnastics. You can attend these games and they are really fun.

Amber Young (2015)

The rigor of the OU MIS program is paired with mentoring and collaborative experiences to promote competence and confidence. The faculty challenged me to push the boundaries of what I thought I could accomplish. I learned a tremendous amount and gained true friends and dependable collaborators in the process.

Inchan Kim (2015)

OU's MIS doctoral program is rigorous. Courses are rightfully demanding and taught by world-class experts. You can also expect quality guidance from the faculty. As long as you work hard and try to make best of it, you will get a world-class education out of OU's MIS doctoral program.


Nan (Tina) Wang (2015)

I had a great experience with the MIS doctoral program at OU. The MIS faculty is extraordinary. They offered great help and guidance for doctoral students in preparing them to become a researcher and teacher. OU also has many great departments offering courses providing complementary skills and knowledge. The city of Norman is safe and affordable, and the people of Oklahoma are warm and friendly. 

Emre Yetgin (2015)

I feel honored and privileged to have gone through OU’s PhD program, which provided me with the opportunity to learn from, and work with, some of the most influential and productive MIS researchers. Thanks to the small size of the program, me and my cohorts always got individualized attention in each one of our seminars. We were able to work on numerous small-team research projects, many of which have resulted in publications. Years after my graduation, I still collaborate with my OU mentors and cohorts, and I thoroughly enjoy catching up with them at conferences throughout the world. I will always be indebted to OU for my training, development, and connections.