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Hua "Jonathan" Ye

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Hua "Jonathan" Ye

Associate Professor of Management Information Systems

Hua (Jonathan) Ye

Department: Management Information Systems
Office: Adams Hall Room 3234
Phone: (405) 325-5721

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Dr. Jonathan Ye is an associate professor at the MIS Division of Price College of Business, University of Oklahoma. Before joining the University of Oklahoma, he worked at the University of Waterloo and the University of Auckland. He holds a Ph.D. in Information Systems from the National University of Singapore. His research interests include crowdsourcing, digital innovations in online communities, and digital business models. His work has appeared in journals such as MIS Quarterly, Journal of Management Information Systems, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Information Systems Journal, Journal of Strategic Information SystemsAccounting Horizons, etc., and premium conferences. He is an associate editor for Information Systems Frontiers and the European Journal of Information Systems.

Selected Publications

  • Wang, X., Yang, X., Ye, H. (2022). “Mitigating IT Professionals’ Turnover in Non-IT Organizations: An Organizational Identification Perspective,” Journal of the Association for Information Systems
  • Ye, H., Yang, X., Wang, X., Stratopoulos, T. (2021). “Monetization of digital content: Drivers of Revenue on Q&A platforms”, Journal of Management Information Systems, 38(2), 457-483 
  • Ye, H., Kankanhalli, A. (2020). “Value Co-creation for Service Innovation: Examining the Relationships between Service Innovativeness, Customer Participation, and Mobile App Performance,” Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 21(2), 292-311.
  • Ye, H., Kankanhalli, A. (2018).“User Service Innovation on Mobile Phone Platforms: Investigating Impacts of Lead Userness, Toolkit Support, and Design Autonomy”, MIS Quarterly, 42 (1), 165-187.  
  • Kankanhalli, A., Ye, H., Teo, H. H. (2015). "Comparing Potential and Actual Innovators: An Empirical Study of Mobile Data Services Innovation," MIS Quarterly, 39(3) 667-682.
  • Ye, H., Jensen, M. (2022). “Effects of Introducing an online Community in an Innovation Contest Platform,” Information Systems Journal, 32(6)
  • Cui, T.; Ye, H.; Tan, C. (2022). “Information Technology in Open Innovation: A Resource Orchestration Perspective,” Information & Management
  • Stratopoulos, T., Wang, V., Ye, H. (2022). “Use of Corporate Disclosures to Identify the Stage of Blockchain Adoption”, Accounting Horizons, 36(1), 197–220.
  • Yang, X. Ye, H., Wang, X. (2021). Social media use and work efficiency: Insights from the theory of communication visibility, Information & Management, 58(4), 103462. 
  • Ye, H., Kankanhalli, A. (2017). “Solvers’ Participation in Crowdsourcing Platforms: Examining the Impacts of Trust, Benefit, and Cost Factors,” Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 26(2), 101-117.
  • Ye, H., Kankanhalli, A. (2015). “Investigating the Antecedents of Organizational Task Crowdsourcing,” Information and Management, 52(1), 98-110.  
  • Cui, T., Ye, H., Teo, H. H., Li, J. (2015). “Information technology and open innovation: A strategic alignment perspective,” Information and Management, 52(3), 348-358.

Research Awards and Honorable Mentions