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Pascal Nitiema

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Pascal Nitiema

Pascal Nitiema

Pascal Nitiema  is a doctoral candidate in Management Information Systems. He has defended his doctoral dissertation proposal titled  “Toward A Framework for Alleviating Technostress: The Role of Affect State”. He was selected for the ICIS and AMICIS doctoral consortium. His dissertation work earned the competitive university level Nancy L. Mergler and Bullard Dissertation Completion Fellowship award. 

His research interests are in healthcare analytics, the use of information systems for disease and syndromic surveillance, and the psychological impact of the use of information technology and communication devices (e.g., technostress, technoaddiction). His teaching interests are in analytics, health information systems, machine learning, business intelligence, visual analytics, and other analytical topics. He has taught courses to undergraduate students on data analysis and analytics and has been a regular teaching assistant for Business Intelligence/Analytics and Visualization classes. He has taught face-to-face and in online modes.

Pascal started his career by earning a medical degree from Burkina Faso and was a practicing physician. He then moved to  the United States, and earned his graduate degrees in public health, and in epidemiology at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC). He then worked as a research biostatistician at OUHSC for 4 years before deciding his research interest in solving public health issues through information technology.  He has worked with leading scholars in the area of behavioral sciences and has published many research papers on the topic of stress. With his background in health, analytics, and stress, his dissertation seeks to address ways to alleviate technostress.

In his spare time, Pascal likes to volunteer with local citizen groups for community service. His favorite sports include basketball and soccer. He is a fan of the Oklahoma City Thunder and the English Premiere League Club Arsenal.