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Robert Zmud

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Robert W. Zmud

Emeritus George Lynn Cross Research Professor

Robert W. Zmud

Department: Management Information Systems
Office: Adams Hall Room 3230
Phone: (405) 325-5721
Address: 307 W. Brooks, Room 3230
Norman, OK 73019

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Curriculum Vitae

Robert W. Zmud is George Lynn Cross Research Professor Emeritus in the Michael F. Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma.  He has been elected a fellow of the Association of Information Systems, the INFORMS Information Systems Society and the Decision Science Institute, and is a recipient of the LEO Award from the Association of Information Systems.

While his research portfolio might seem at first glance to be rather eclectic, the vast majority of Bob’s refereed articles have addressed phenomena associated with the following question, “What must an enterprise do right in order to introduce appropriate information technology so as to fully leverage the functionality of this technology in creating business value?”  His research examining this question has been published in a variety of scholarly journals, including (among others): MIS QuarterlyInformation Systems Research,Management ScienceOrganization ScienceAcademy of Management Review,Academy of Management Journal and The Accounting Review.

He served as the Editor-in-Chief of MIS Quarterly from 1995 to 1998, as a founding Senior Editor of Organization Science, and is currently a Senior Editor with both Information Systems Research and MISQ Executive.  In addition, he is currently or has previously served on the editorial boards of the following journals (alphabetical order): Academy of Management Review, Communications of the ACMDecision SciencesInformation & OrganizationJournal of AIS,  Journal of Engineering and Technology ManagementManagement Science,MISQ Executive, and Systems,Objectives,Solutions.

Bob has served in officer roles with the OCIS Division of the Academy of Management, the TIMS College on Information Systems, and the Society of Information Management, International.  In addition, through his work with SIM, International as Research Director of the Advanced Practices Council and as a Chair of the SIM Paper Competition, Bob has been actively engaged in furthering practice-based research in information systems.  Finally, Bob has also served in leadership roles in numerous information systems conferences, including serving as General Chair for ICIS 1993 and Program Chair for ICIS 1986.

In addition to serving on the faculties of Clarkson University, Auburn University, Georgia State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Florida State University, and University of Oklahoma, Bob has served as a Shaw Professor at Nanyang Technological University (1997), a Visiting Scholar at City University of Hong Kong (2001), and a Shaw Professor at the National University of Singapore (2002).  He received his Bachelors of Aerospace Engineering Degree from the University of Virginia (1968), his MS degree in Management from MIT (1970), and his PhD in Business Administration degree from the University of Arizona (1974).


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