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Cristela Carrizales

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Christela Carrizales

Senior Academic Counselor

Department: Undergraduate Advising Services
Office: Price Hall 1010
Phone: (405) 325-6021
Address: 1003 Asp Ave., Price Hall 1010
Norman, OK 73019
United States

Cristela originally hails from Dallas, TX, but has lived in a variety of locations, including England, where she was able to travel extensively. She has worked for the United States Air Force as a civilian employee and academic counselor to airman, soldiers and sailors as well as spent time as a grants writer in non-profit arts management and as a middle school teacher. Cristela is very artistic and spends a great deal of her spare time acting, singing, directing and/or improvising in area productions. Cristela received her B.A. in Theater from Texas Wesleyan University.