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Laura Blackstone

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Laura Blackstone

Academic Counselor

Laura Blackstone

Department:  Undergraduate Advising Services
Office: Price Hall Room 1010
Phone: (405) 325-6021


Laura Blackstone, M.Ed., brings both a passion for details and strong communications skills to Price College students. She earned a BBA in MIS and a BA in English as an undergraduate student before completing her master’s in education with a major in adult and higher education with a student personnel focus in May 2022.

Blackstone began her higher education career as a supplemental instructor for an English and grammar usage course. From there, she became a peer-tutor specializing in English, writing, and study strategies. She joined the Price Academic Advising Services family in October 2021.

In her spare time, she loves to read old and middle English texts, victorian gothic novels, and books on various historical, cultural, and religious studies. Being an English nerd, she loves proving that Shakespeare is not old English, debating which Bronte sister was the better writer, and studying word origins. Laura also loves crocheting, trying to learn modern languages, and translating older texts for a modern audience.

While born in Oklahoma, Laura moved extensively while growing up living in Tennessee, Arkansas, Wisconsin, and Connecticut.