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Provost's Advisory Committees

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Provost's Advisory Committees

Academic Advising

The mission of Provost's Advisory Committee on Academic Advising (PAC-AA) is to educate and empower students as they design, develop, and implement individual academic plans leading to intellectual and personal growth for success as citizens of the global community. The committee provides input to the Provost on the advising process and resource needs.

Academic Institutional Research

The Provost's Advisory Committee on Academic Institutional Research (PAC-AIR) serves to facilitate timely communication and data-gathering between Institutional Research and University departments in order to improve data literacy and analysis skills among all campus constituents.

Classrooms and Scheduling

The Provost's Advisory Committee for Classrooms and Scheduling (PAC-CS) is charged with giving input on centrally scheduled classrooms and course scheduling for the Norman campus to the Provost. The committee also reviews all aspects of Norman campus classrooms, prioritizes recommendations for improvements, and evaluates innovations in learning space design and instructional technology and advises on ways to enhance the student classroom experience.

Financial Administrators and Managers

The Provost’s Advisory Committee on Financial and Administrative Management (PAC-FAM) facilitates communication and disseminates information among units that report to the Provost. In addition, this committee provides leadership in creating a community of financial and administrative managers who emphasize service, professionalism, and support across campus.

General Education Oversight

The Provost's Advisory Committee for General Education Oversight (PAC-GEO) is charged with assessing the OU general education program and determining if it is serving its intended function, i.e., to ensure that each student receives a broad education, regardless of area of specialization; to advise the Provost of findings; and to maintain the offical general education course listings.

Learning Outcomes Assessment

The Provost's Advisory Committee for Learning Outcomes Assessment (PAC-LOA) is charged with cultivating and advancing effective assessment of student learning with the aim of promoting continuous improvement in all academic programs at the University of Oklahoma.

Learning Technologies

This Provost's Advisory Committee on Learning Technologies (PAC-LT) provides input on learning technologies to the Provost of the Norman campus. Learning technologies are ones that enhance instruction and effectiveness in the classroom, such as learning management systems, electronic portfolios, and response systems.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

The Provost's Advisory Committee on STEM (PAC-STEM) provides input to the Provost about STEM initiatives at The University. This includes ways to broaden participation, promote graduate education and training, and provide outreach to the community.

Service Learning

The Provost's Advisory Committee for Service Learning (PAC-SL) is responsible for advising the Provost on designating, tracking, and assessing service learning courses. This includes developing, implementing, and maintaining criteria for designating service learning courses; assessing quality of service learning curriculum; and making recommendations for further development of curriculum and assessment.

Women's Issues

The Provost’s Advisory Committee on Women’s Issues (PAC-WI) promotes the interests of women at The University of Oklahoma, particularly women engaged in research, teaching, and administration.