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Faculty Activity System FAS: Digital Measures at the University of Oklahoma

Digital Measures is a tool used to record faculty teaching, research, publication, presentations, awards, creative and service activities and accomplishments.  The Digital Measures software (hereafter referred to as the “Faculty Activity System” or FAS) is the faculty activity reporting tool for the University of Oklahoma and is used to generate Annual Faculty Mini Vitae, a customizable CV, and other reports, provided to directors, deans and the Provost's office. 

Click the above login link and use your NetID 4x4 login and password for secure portal access.

For more information or to schedule a departmental FAS training session contact the University System Administrator:

Karen Horne
Assistant Director, Center for Faculty Excellence

Wallace Old Science Hall, Room 224


Phone: 405-325-7480

Frequently Asked Questions

More information about Digital Measures

December 2020

Office of Research Services (ORS) Grant Data Import

Proposals: June-December 2020

December 2020Scheduled Teaching Fall 2020 Data Import
November 2020Scheduled Teaching Summer 2020 Data Import
September 2020

Office of Research Services (ORS) Grant Data Import

Proposals: January-May 2020

Awarded Grants: January-May 2020

May 2020Scheduled Teaching Spring 2020 Data Import
December 2019

Office of Research Services (ORS) Grant Data Import 

Proposals: July-December 2019

Awarded Grants: August-December 2019

December 2019Scheduled Teaching Fall 2019 Data Import
September 2019Scheduled Teaching Summer 2019 Data Import
July 2019

Office of Research Services (ORS) Grant Data Import

Proposals: January-June 2019

Awarded Grants: January-July 2019

May 2019Scheduled Teaching Spring 2019 Data Import
January 2019

Faculty Workflow Instructions for 2018 Evaluation.

Committee A/Unit Submitter Instructions for 2018 Evaluations.

January 2018New Community Engagement and Outreach fields added.
 For assistance or to schedule a FAS training session please contact Karen Horne at