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Candidate Expenses

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Candidate Expenses

Departments can process airline tickets and lodging expenses for the candidates directly to their University department. The airline tickets must be purchased through Concur. Arrangements for lodging in the area can also be made through Concur to direct bill the department for the candidate’s lodging expenses only. The hotel and the candidate must be made aware that any incidental expenses and/or food purchases at the hotel cannot be directly billed to the University. The candidate will be responsible for paying these expenses and requesting reimbursement. This method will help defray the cost the candidate must bear until reimbursements are made. In many instances, the departments may be able to find less expensive airfares for their candidates and negotiate with the hotel for the best rate available.

If a rental car is necessary for the candidate, the department should make arrangements through Fleet Services to have the rental car available for the candidate and have it direct billed to the department. The travel statutes only allows for mileage reimbursement for any type of vehicle whether private or rental within the State of Oklahoma.

For expenses incurred by the candidate, the candidate should be asked to send an itemized expense account to the chair/director. This must bear the candidate’s Social Security number. Receipts for expenses other than meals are required. Requests for reimbursement should be sent to the dean’s office, where they will be checked for allowable expenses before requesting that a check be issued to the candidate. Usually two or three weeks are required for the processing of checks, and the chair/director should so inform the candidate during his or her visit. Departments are asked to reimburse travel expenses to the candidate using the State of Oklahoma travel voucher form instead of the honorarium form, to ensure reimbursement is not incorrectly reported to the Internal Revenue Service as income to the candidate.

When a candidate is entertained for a meal by a faculty group, the per diem allowance on the travel voucher should be adjusted by the number of meals that were provided. If approved, the meal can be processed on a completed Food and Beverage Expense Certification form. The claimant must be in travel status for at least eighteen hours or overnight status in order to request reimbursement for per diem. Per Diem covers the reimbursement of meal and incidental expenses. Some examples of incidental expenses are tips, emergency laundry, refreshments such as beverages and snacks, etc.

The department/college cannot pay the travel expenses of a spouse or other dependents of the candidate with State Funds.