Policies and Statutes

Administrative Policies

Link to University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center Administrative Policies Page

Interest on Late Payments

As a State Agency, the University of Oklahoma is subject to: https://www.ok.gov/OSF/Comptroller/Prompt_Payment.html

Open Records Act

As a State Agency, the University of Oklahoma is subject to the Open Records Act. This law is set out in Title 51, Section 24 of the Oklahoma State Statutes...more

OU Board of Regents

Link to Regents Policy Manual

OU Purchasing Policy for Federal Funded Acquisitions

This policy is established in compliance with 2 CFR 200 Uniform Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards (Uniform Guidance)

Public Relations Policies

The link will direct you to OU Policy Manual in PDF format. Please refer to Section 3.4 of the manual for Public Relation Policies

Small Dollar Policy

Unless otherwise governed, restricted, or addressed by University policy, University departments may purchase products and services directly from a vendor when the cost of the acquisition is $5, 000 or less (small dollar purchases)... more

Wireless Telephones & Pagers Policy

Link to University of Oklahoma Wireless Telephones & Pagers Policy in PDF format