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    • It is the Bidders responsibility to check the OU Purchasing website frequently for any additional amendments or changes to the solicitations posted.

    • OU Purchasing is not responsible for a bidder's failure to download any documents required to complete a solicitation.

    • The buyer contact information is noted in every bid document.

    • Solicitations are listed chronologically by Issue Date.

    • Questions about specific documents must be directed to the Buyer listed in the document.

    • Printing or Downloading Documents: Please right-click and save documents to your local drive.

    • Please Note: If you have trouble opening any of the documents on this page, please email purchasingwebmaster@ouhsc.edu

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Bus Charter Services

Norman Susan Hendon
email: susan-hendon@ouhsc.edu
05-12-20 06-04-20 at 14:00 CT [ R-21025-21 ]

Addendum 1.pdf


Baseball Equipment

Norman Susan Hendon
email: susan-hendon@ouhsc.edu
05-27-20 06-17-20 at 14:00 CT [ R-20635-20 ]


Lockers for Athletics Facilities

Norman Susan Hendon
email: susan-hendon@ouhsc.edu
05-28-20 07-10-20 at 14:00 CT [ R-20581-20 ]


Gould Hall Studio Renovation

Norman Brad Larson
email: brad-larson@ouhsc.edu
06-25-20 07-15-20 at 14:00 CT [ R-21032-21 ]

Sign In Sheet.pdf

ATTACHMENT A. 158-19_DRAWING_20200624.pdf


Locum Tenens

All Kira Reyes
email: kira-reyes@ouhsc.edu
06-30-20 07-30-20 at 14:00 CT [ R-21031-21 ]

R21031 Addendum 1.pdf


Lodging, Meeting space, and Catering for 2022 National Symposium

HSC Kira Reyes
email: kira-reyes@ouhsc.edu
07-02-20 08-03-20 at 14:00 CT [ R-21041-21 ]

R21041 Addendum 2.pdf

R21041 Addendum 1.pdf


125 HP Motor

HSC Sherry Medley
email: Sherry-Medley@ouhsc.edu
07-28-20 08-05-20 at 14:00 CT [ Q-21051-21 ]


Two Autonomous Boats and Shared Parts

Norman Brad Larson
email: brad-larson@ouhsc.edu
08-06-20 08-20-20 at 14:00 CT [ S-21054-21 ]

Attachment B. Image of Boats and Shared Parts.pdf

Attachment A Detailed List.pdf


R-21058-21 Degree Management Software

All Monica Hardesty
email: Monica-Hardesty@ouhsc.edu
08-07-20 09-01-20 at 14:00 CT [ R-21058-21 ]


Battery Energy Storage System to interface with a small scale renewable energy system.

Norman Susan Mecham
email: susan-mecham@ouhsc.edu
08-10-20 08-31-20 at 14:00 CT [ B-21063-21 ]


Concrete and Labor for Small Repairs

HSC Sherry Medley
email: Sherry-Medley@ouhsc.edu
08-11-20 08-27-20 at 14:00 CT [ B-21059-21 ]