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Noncollegiate Learning

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Noncollegiate Learning

The University awards credit for educational experiences provided by certain business, industrial and governmental agencies. Credit is awarded on the basis of recommendations made by the American Council on Education in its publication “The National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs” and also by the publication “College Credit Recommendations: The Directory of the National Program on Non-collegiate Sponsored Instruction.” Students may present a transcript from the ACE Registry of Credit Recommendations to the Office of Admissions & Recruitment for evaluation.

Registry transcripts can be requested by contacting the Center for Adult Learning and Educational Credentials, American Council on Education, One Dupont Circle, Suite 250, Washington, DC 20036-1193, Attn: Registries. You can reach them by phone at (202) 939-9434.

The grade of S (satisfactory) is assigned to all credit awarded in this manner. The dean of the college in which a student will earn a degree at the University will determine how this credit applies toward the degree. For further information, students should contact Academic Records, 1000 Asp Ave., Room 230, Norman, OK 73019-4076. You may call them by phone at (405) 325-4147.