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Undergraduate Students | Add or Drop a Class

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Undergraduate students | Add or Drop a Class

Different regulations will apply, depending on when add/drop occurs. Read the following instructions carefully to determine the rules that apply when adding and dropping individual courses.

NOTE: The regulations listed below apply to courses that meet for 16 weeks or 8 weeks in a semester. For summer session, please refer to the Academic Calendar for specific dates for all summer blocks. Courses that do not meet the full term will have different deadlines. Contact Enrollment Services at for more information.

Period I - Free Add and Drop

Students may add during the first week of classes for a 16-week course (Fall and Spring full semester course) without approval of the instructor. Beginning the second week of classes for a 16-week course, students must haveapproval from the instructor. Students may drop without additional charges or grading penalties through the end of the second week for a 16-week course. No grades will be recorded for dropped courses.

Note on tuition charges for dropped courses: You will be required to pay tuition and fees for any course dropped after the second week of classes for a 16-week course, even if you add another course at the same time.

Students can add and drop classes online through during the first two weeks of a 16-week course. Beginning with the third week, online add/drop is not available; students must go to Enrollment Services in Buchanan Hall, Room 230 or email to add or drop classes.

Deadlines to add/drop courses online that are not 16-week:

• Final day to register for a 4-week course is the second day

• Final day to drop a 4-week course is the third day

• Final day to register for an 8-week course is the third day

• Final day to drop an 8-week course is the fifth day

Period II - Automatic grade of W

Third through twelfth week of a 16-week course. (Second through sixth week for an 8-week course.) Students may add classes only by permission of the instructor of the course and the Dean of the student’s College. Courses dropped during this time will be recorded with a grade of W. (All undergraduate colleges require their students to obtain approval of their advisor to drop a course during Period II.)

Period IV - Petition College Dean

Thirteenth week through end of classes for a 16-week course. (Seventh through eighth week for 8-week course.) Permission of instructor and Dean is required for added classes. Students who wish to drop a course during this period must petition the Dean of the student’s College. (Instructor’s Signature and Grade of W or F is required.)

Undergraduate 5-W Limit

A student is allowed only five grades of W throughout the course of their undergraduate career at The University of Oklahoma. Once a student reaches this maximum number of W grades, they will not be allowed to drop any courses after the free add and drop period. After the five-drop limit has been reached, students with extreme, extenuating circumstances may apply for an exception to the limit on W grades through the Academic Advising Resource Center (AARC). Ws for Fall 2020 and Fall 2021 do not count toward the five W limit. Complete withdrawals also do not count in this limit.