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Full Time Enrollment & Credit Hour Limits

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Full-Time Enrollment & Credit Hour Limits

Full-time Enrollment

To be considered full-time, a student must be enrolled in at least the number of credit hours listed below, depending on the semester:

 Fall / SpringSummer

* Two credit hours are considered as full-time enrollment for graduate assistants in their declared final term with a minimum .50FTE appointment. For more information click here.

Note to students applying for Veterans' Benefits: VA may not accept all hours taken when determining benefits. Consult Veteran Student Services in Buchanan Hall, Room 216, for more information.

Note to students applying for Financial Aid: Additional enrollment regulations may apply. Please consult Student Financial Center for more information.

Credit Hour Limits 

There are limits on how many credit hours a student may enroll in each semester, without permission of the student's dean. These limits are listed below:

 Fall / SpringSummer