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Class Scheduling Instructions

The Office of Classroom Management begins the process of creating class schedules more than a year before each semester starts. Please consult the scheduling timetable below for information on distribution and due dates for each semester's class schedule. The following directions are distributed to each department by email. Each department will receive an email with instructions on accessing their class schedule and how to update. Departments will make all necessary changes to the schedule and forward that to

Class Schedule Requests for Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters:

August - Roll Fall class schedule.
September-December - Updates submitted to Classroom Management.
December 1 - Class schedules available to Department Chairs & Deans in “The Book.”
February 1 - Class schedules reviewed & approved by Deans.
March - Enrollment begins.

February - Roll Spring class schedules.
March-June - Updates submitted to Classroom Management
July 1 - Class Schedules available to Dept. Chairs & Deans in “The Book.”
August 1 - Class schedules reviewed and approved by Deans.
October - Enrollment begins.

June – Roll Summer class schedules
June/August – Updates submitted to Classroom Management
July 1 – Class schedules available to Dept. Chairs & Deans in The Book
August 1 – Class schedules reviewed and approved by Deans
October – Enrollment begins

CHANGES - Changes to existing information for enrollment caps and instructors should be completed by updating those fields in the “Book.” Select the schedule Update Tab.  Time/day/location changes should be emailed to

DELETIONS - Email Classroom Management with a request to delete.  

ADDITIONS - Email Classroom Management with a request to add a course or section or to make time changes on existing courses.  

Departments are advised to indicate all SPECIAL ROOM REQUESTS, such as audio/visual capability, movable chairs, etc. This will assist Classroom Management in finding appropriate rooms for these classes. Departments should also indicate those courses taught back-to-back by the same instructor. While we cannot guarantee that all requests can be accommodated, we will attempt to satisfy every request whenever possible.

Departments must submit a memo for approval from the Provost for any courses with dates that are outside the official semester dates. Provost approval is required before classes can be scheduled to start earlier or end later than the published semester dates.

The University will continue the use of the allocation system for distribution of classes throughout the day. The limited number of lecture and seminar classrooms available on campus necessitates this allocation system. Departmental allocations are based on a fraction of the total contact hours taught in lecture and seminar type classrooms during the current semester. The allocation represents the maximum number of classes each department may schedule at any given time of the day. Departments should consult their allocation shown on the letter sent with their class schedules to determine how many classes they may schedule in lecture and seminar rooms at each hour. Departments are strongly urged to stay within their allotted allocation limits.

Departments are advised that any courses which anticipate enrollment of 75 or more students should NOT change times. Availability of large classrooms is extremely limited, and the best guarantee of a classroom for large classes is to keep them at the currently scheduled times.

Departments are also advised that any courses scheduled in excess of the allocation for the department will receive a lower priority for room assignments, thus making availability of classrooms for such courses problematic, at best. If departments are having difficulty scheduling within their allocations, they should contact the Office of Classroom Management at (405) 325-1087 prior to submission of their schedule to the Dean. Classroom Management will attempt to advise and assist departments in scheduling their classes.

Departments in the College of Arts and Sciences are required to submit a Class Schedule Request Form to their College for approval before they schedule any online courses. All other departments may schedule online courses directly through the Office of Classroom Management.

  1. The university course designation is intended for courses that will be taught only once or that are experimental in nature. The use of the UNIV designator is limited to a single offering of a course, unless specific approval is granted to repeat the course. A permanent course number should be sought for the subsequent offerings of the course
  2. Courses may be offered at the freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior level.
  3. Credit hours may be variable but shall not exceed five (5) hours.

University Course Request Forms (PDF)

Needs to notify Classroom Management date of first assignment and deadline for final assignment if assignments are given outside of the course meeting dates. Course will be coded Blended unless it is Asynchronous in this instance.