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Course Grading

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Changes in Course Grading

On the basis that the established grading system at the University is A, B, C, etc., any change not covered by the Faculty Senate regulations must be recommended by the department and approved by the College having jurisdiction over the course, as well as the Graduate College when the course carries graduate credit. Official approvals for course grading are filed in the Office of Curricular Changes and Academic Publications with approved course requests.

The department may request a change in course grading, if desired, by submitting the "Special Form for Making Changes in Course Grading", whether the course is currently S/U graded or letter graded. The form is available in Academic Records, Buchanan Hall, Room 230.

In using the "Special Form for Making Changes in Course Grading", please note:

  1. University Regulations governing S/U grading are printed on the form;
  2. All changes in course grading must be approved by the dean of the undergraduate college offering the course;
  3. Grading changes for all courses carrying graduate credit must be approved by the Graduate College;
  4. The form is multi-copy. All copies must remain intact until they are received in the Curricular Changes and Academic Publications Office. That office will then inform Classroom Managment and Academic Records of the grading scheme approved for the course and return the Dean's and Department's copies as appropriate;
  5. If the grading for a course is to vary from semester to semester, the change in grading must be requested each semester. Changes in grading for specific sections will be approved only on a temporary basis for a specified semester for term;
  6. Final Grade choices will be limited to those indicated on the list, unless changes are submitted and approved.

In order for the student to know in advance how the course will be graded, changes in course grading for a future semester must be approved prior to the creation of that semester's Class Schedule.