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Recharge Centers

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Recharge Centers

A recharge center is a university operating unit that provides a service, a group of services, or products to users principally within the university community for a fee. Recharge centers recover their costs through charges to benefiting users. The center develops a rate for the activity based on direct costs and charges users for their actual usage. A recharge center can sell to external users as well as internal university units. External users are defined as units who do not have a university account number, or students, faculty, or staff acting in a personal capacity.

Recharge Center Procedures (PDF)

Confocal Microscope

This is currently located in Richards Hall and is under the direction of Scott Russell from the Department of Microbiology and Plant Biology. This VPRP-owned piece of equipment is available for use across campuses and disciplines. Operational training, current rates and practices, and research development consultations are available by contacting Dr. Elwood Madden at or 325-4391.

Electron Microprobe Laboratory

This facility is available to students, faculty, and industry professionals for research that requires rapid, non-destructive microanalysis of solid samples. The facility is based upon a fully computer-automated Cameca SX50 electron probe micro-analyzer that is equipped with five wavelength-dispersive x-ray spectrometers, integrated energy-dispersive x-ray analyzer, standard SEM imaging capabilities, and cathodoluminescence detector. Lindsey Hunt is available to conduct analyses and for consultation or instruction. Contact her at or 325-2642.

Electron Microscopy Laboratory

The Samuel Roberts Noble Electron Microscopy Laboratory houses the most sophisticated collection of electron microscopes in the state, with a combined capital value of nearly $3.5 million. Use of the facility is primarily for university instruction and research at all levels of sophistication, but clients from other universities, foundations, and industry are welcome to use this equipment as well on an invoice or contract basis. The facility is run as a user facility, encouraging clients to participate in preparing and observing their materials. Use of the major instruments requires monetary recharge that partially reimburses our maintenance and operations costs. For more information, contact Dr. Elwood Madden at or 325-4391.

Research Campus Computing Center (RCCC)

This is another product of the collaborative mission of the building in which it's located (Stephenson Research and Technology Center) that allows researchers to participate collectively in the shared need of data storage and technological support. Servers are maintained in a temperature- and humidity-controlled room, complete with backup generator and monitored 24/7/365 by building security, facility management, and University Information Technology personnel. For information regarding current rates and practices, contact Dora Rapp, SRTC Facility and Storeroom Manager, at or 325-3699.

Stephenson Storeroom

Located in the Stephenson Research and Technology Center on the University Research Campus, the Storeroom was established in 2004 to parallel the mission of the building by offering a shared administrative service to the collective whole. The primary function of the Storeroom is the purchasing of chemicals, reagents, small dollar equipment, and other lab supplies necessary for the various researchers within the building and across campus. This is done through maintaining an on-hand inventory of commonly-used consumables, as well as fulfilling special order requests. For information about current rates and practices, contact Dora Rapp, Storeroom Manager, at or 325-6628.